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July 14, 2012 in General, Links, News

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We bring news of an exhibition of work by the member Cathy Simpson who helpfully writes about Twitterings and Catcreeps here. Another member, Wilbur Dawbarn, talks about his latest cartoon for Private Eye, which may well be the first in a series.

Christian Adams, The Telegraph’s editorial news cartoonist, writes about the need to plan ahead to be able to cover all bases. Perhaps this will help you win the Graphic Short Story Prize 2012 which has been launched by Jonathan Cape, Comica and The Observer.

Further from home, South Africa’s governing ANC party has reacted with disgust at a cartoon by Zapiro that depicts President Jacob Zuma as a penis. You can view the offending item here.

Cartoonists who draw digitally may be interested in the following products. Wacom have released a new version of the Cintiq, their longstanding digital drawing board, while Leap Motion is a 3D tool that promises to revolutionise the way we interact with computers. (All together now: Oh, yeah!)

© Mike Williams Broken dreams cartoon @

© Mike Williams @

4 responses to The Round-up

  1. Good luck to WiLbur and Cathy. And what a  belter the Mike Williams gag is. How I hate him.

  2. Yes indeed Bill, I enjoyed adding it to Rob’s original post.

    There are loads more of them in our membership portfolios
  3. Yes, and ironic that Mike’s masterly cartoon should appear under the news about Leap Motion. Mike would no more use something like Leap Motion than attend a Kylie concert.

    That said, the L M video was interesting. Its obviously a clever piece of kit. But I just had a little practice, drawing in mid-air [no neighbours were watching], and really missed the heel of hand contact with the drawing board. You’d get cramp supporting your own lower arm/hand weight. And how accurate you’d be able to make fine ,tiny lines is debatable. Plus, there’s the lack of surface resistance……………..but we’ve been here before, I think. 

  4. Variety is all Mr Stott 😉

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