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September 21, 2012 in General, Links, News

© Patrick Chappatte for Le Temps (Geneva) @

While the latest Charlie Hebdo controversy continues, editorial cartoonists Patrick Chappatte (above) and Kevin Kallaugher comment on the responsibility that comes with cartoonists’ freedom to insult.

Mike Peyton, who has carved out a long and specialist career as a ‘nautical cartoonist’, tells CNN about his work and how he started cartooning in a German POW camp. Read more here.

The Eye Candy festival, to be held in Birmingham next month, will feature “a drop-in sketching session for illustrators, artists and drawing enthusiasts”. See, which is organising the session, for more details.

Remember the lady who ‘restored’ a Spanish fresco recently? Like any good commercial artist, she is now demanding royalties.

Finally, there’s just time for a quick plug, as Hunt Emerson – that well-known cartoonist and member of – presents his lampooning take on a classic religious allegory


4 responses to The Round-up

  1. Are sales of Charlie Hebdo in the doldrums ?

     Has the Spanish lady who defaced the valuable pic got herself an agent ? Oops, no, she’s got a lawyer [just reread the piece] which is silly. Artists don’t get royalties until they’re engaged to do a job. She wasn’t. She interfered. Disastrously.

    And, I took over from Mike Peyton at Yachting Monthly. Mike was still producing monthly drawings for the mag well into his nineties and in terms of technical knowledge, isn’t an easy act to follow. Every cartoon has to be passed by a little panel of yachties and getting to know your shrouds, pulpits and all the other strangely named bits of boats is not easy.

  2. I just get angry letters from retired admirals from Chichester if I get anything wrong for Classic Boat.

  3. On Charlie Hebdo I believe it’s rather the opposite Bill. There’s a new print run of 70,000 for the magazine which according to Reuters would double its sale

  4. Thanks Matt. The circulation boost notion still works though, as in…….insult religious faction, sales go up, office burned down. Repeat as necessary. That’s not to say the Ebdobians aren’t brave. They probably are. Faced with a passionate loony with an AK47 who’s just itching to be insulted, I certainly wouldn’t poke him/her in the eye with a sharp joke stick.

    Actually, it makes you wonder what the loony minority end of Islam would do if folk  stopped having a go. They’d probably get all insulted because they weren’t being insulted [and therefore marginalised] any more.

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