Gren Jones at the drawing board member Tim Harries draws our attention to the first episode of Rolf Harris‘ new BBC series, Rolf on Welsh Art, in which he profiles the late, great Welsh cartoonist Gren Jones. Watch the half-hour show on BBC iPlayer (available until 9 November) – or why not visit Gren’s home village and take the walking tour?

Tim also spotted this short TED talk by Sunni Brown on the merits of doodling. Elsewhere, you can see some of the photo-real portraits that artist James Mylne has produced using that classic doodling tool – the Bic biro.

US television network ABC is developing a new sitcom about a “dysfunctional cartoonist” (is there any other kind?*)

And finally, another member (and contributor to this blog), Royston Robertson, gives an interview to a local paper about his 15 years and counting as a cartoonist. Read it here.

* Editor adds: This is a joke 😉

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