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November 9, 2012 in General, Links, News


© Bruce Eric Kaplan/The New Yorker

Bruce Eric Kaplan, the cartoonist and TV writer who signs his distinctive New Yorker cartoons as BEK (above), tells Co.Create about how day-to-day frustrations lead to many of his best ideas. Read the interview and see a selection of BEK’s work here. (Thanks to cartoonist Mike Lynch for the link.)

British comics artist Lew Stringer alerts us to some tweaks that have been made to The Beano this week – including a new run (geddit?) for Billy Whizz by member Wilbur Dawbarn. Wilbur had previously offered a teaser on his own blog.

Political cartoonist David Trumble looks back over several cartoons he devised to comment on the various possible outcomes of the Obama/McCain US presidential election four years ago, and offers his take on this week’s Obama/Romney vote. See them all here.

Also to coincide with polling day in the States, The New Yorker offers a selection of its election cartoons.

And finally, a striking and appropriate design has been chosen for the planned Comics and Animation Museum in Hangzhou, China. Take a look.

8 responses to The Round-up

  1. Oh hell. It finally happened. I don’t get BEK’s cartoon.

  2. Can’t help with that at all, I’m afraid – equally flummoxed – but an interesting selection of stories above as ever, thanks, Rob.

  3. Cos it’s a very impressive but very cliched sandcastle.  I have steered away from producing such things;  my sandcastles feature gull feathers, discarded McDonalds containers and a small but careless mermaid.

  4. You really think that’s it, Cathy ?  . Just looked at the other stuff. Its better.

  5. Yep – I believe that’s the joke, Bill. I picked this one to illustrate the round-up because I found it funny, but BEK is one of those cartoonists (a very NYer thing?) whose work doesn’t appeal to everyone – they’re almost uniformly bleak and downbeat – and many of his cartoons go over my head or don’t hit the mark…

  6. Mr Hislop feels that way about most of mine. Actually, now that the featured BEK cartoon’s been explained and is in line with what I suspected it was getting at, I quite like it. He’ll be relieved to know.

  7. Surprised you didn’t get it, Bill. I’d have thought most of us have had those moments as cartoonists, where someone praises your work but you know you could have done better.

    It’s a classic New Yorker type gag isn’t it? In that it takes one sort of language (i.e. that of grown-up, arty types) and applies it to a different situation/group of people (kid at the beach). 
  8. Yes I suppose it is a typical NY gag in the ironical, cynical worldly sense. And I really like American humour, especially folk like Bud Grace. With this one, I was possibly wrong footed by the [ intentional?} clunky drawing. With somebody like Grace, the actual drawing, even sans punchline is funny. BEK’s certainly isn’t.There. I think that about covers my embarrassment on not getting it first time around

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