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The Iranian cartoonist Mahmoud Shokraye has been sentenced to 25 lashes after an MP took offence at a caricature. The Guardian has more on the story here, and fellow cartoonists, including Procartoonists.org members Martin Rowson, above, and Clive Collins, have reacted with pictures of their own.

Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor at The New Yorker, has written a very entertaining blog post looking at the creative process as depicted in cartoons. He also writes about the need for magazine cartoonists to be constant innovators, and the piece is illustrated throughout by choice New Yorker gags. Enjoy it here.

The Pittsbugh Post-Gazette writes about “rage comics”, a growing trend in internet humour whereby amateur cartoonists vent their frustrations in order to make others laugh. Read more here.

Following the sad death of the writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak earlier this week, Forbidden Planet collects several fitting tributes and other comic creators pay their respects.

And finally, Daily Cartoonist looks back 258 years to what is considered the first example of an American editorial cartoon.

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