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June 8, 2013 in Events, General, Links, News

© Bert Hackett

Arts venue mac birmingham is planning to host an exhibition of more than 100 artworks by Bert ‘Gemini’ Hackett, long-time cartoonist for The Birmingham Post. Donations are being sought towards the running of the show, and the appeal closes on 16 June. The exhibition will run from 29 June until 1 September. More details can be found here.

The New York Times profiles Khalid Albaih, ‘a cartoonist with an attitude’ who has inspired discontented youth across the Arab world. Read the article here.

Christian Adams, the political cartoonist for The Telegraph, has posted this short video showing how he roughs out one of his cartoons.

Christopher Booker – the first editor of Private Eye – writes for The Spectator about the short but brilliant career of cartoonist Timothy Birdsall. Read Booker’s article here.

Cartoons feature in a new exhibition exploring the emerging art scene in Iraq, as the BBC reports.

Ralph Steadman has designed a poster for the upcoming Duchamp Centenary Celebration in Herne Bay, which recognises the famous Dadaist‘s connections to the Kent town. Our chairman, Nathan Ariss, comments on Steadman’s involvement with the festival in this article.

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  1. Thanks for all that, Rob. I found the piece about Khalid Albaih fascinating. I’ve been to a couple of cartoon  gatherings – one in Dubai and the other in Qatar – and found the general standard of work low. There were some stand-outs of course – Iraqi caricature and political joke making was good, but overall, there was nothing with the sophistication of Albaih’s stuff. Who knows, as he says in the piece, it took the French Revolution 70 years to bed in, so maybe there are more Albaih’s out there.

  2. Bugger. That should have read, “IRANIAN caricature and ploitical joke-making”

  3. excellent stuff, Rob. Ta

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