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July 8, 2013 in General, Links, News

Above: Cartoon editor Bob Mankoff on the anatomy of a New Yorker cartoon. Over at New Yorker HQ, Mankoff’s blog features a guest column about using cartoon captions in the classroom.

Several months after taking The Dandy purely digital, DC Thomson has suspended its existing app, saying that “the technology and format have let us down”. But the company has stressed that this is not the end of Britain’s longest-running comic.

A spokesperson said: “Discussions and planning are already under way to re-examine The Dandy’s digital offering. It is still too early to announce what form this next stage will take but we would like to reassure readers that The Dandy remains a very important part of the company’s plans for the future.”

We at will revisit the story when there is more to tell.

Meanwhile, the Dandy contributor Jamie Smart has taken the opportunity to voice his opinions about what could be done to strengthen the British comics industry.

In a timely slideshow, Howard Tayler, a webcomic creator, looks at how cartoonists can succeed in the digital world.

Jonathan Pugh, the regular pocket cartoonist for the Daily Mail and procartoonists member, has a new range of greetings cards available online. Click here to peruse them.

And finally, how much do you know about the humble pencil?

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  1. All sorts of interesting stuff here as ever, thanks. Personally, the bit I liked best of the Mankoff talk was Diffee’s take on a day in the life of the NY cartoon editor (a bit obvious maybe, but still enjoyable).

  2. Yes………………just read most of Bob Mankoff’s thing again. It is interesting, but it did occur to me that the UK doesn’t have an equivalent……….a cartoon editor who appears to be omnipresent on the cartoon scene. Coren wouldn’t have done it. Nor would Hislop or Heath [they just fail to take some really,really good gags]. Quite a lot of Mankoff’s stuff is interesting, but he did irritate me recently with his take on how to get a drawing in New Yorker. If somebody sends you a really good cartoon and there’s room, you use it. You don’t play God and send everything back for years before you take one. That encourages cartoonists to be ever so ‘umble and SO grateful. It should be the other way round.

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