The sex appeal of the creative mind

PCOer Neil Dishington, spots, paraphrases and even quotes from an item from The Times newspaper, as follows;

“The sex appeal of the creative thinker was in part because the possession of a lively creative mind is considered an attractive feature in either sex.”

“These lucky people started with the advantage of being considered attractive before they had begun their chat-up line.”

“Even being in a regular relationship doesn’t stop their tally rising, for they are usually forgiven any infidelity as this is expected of a creative person.”

Neil summarises, cartoonists are creative thinkers…aren’t they?

Bloghorn can only applaud the wisdom of this last observation, the vigilant eye of Mr Dishington, and agree wholeheartedly with parts of the claims made by the research and original words. Although, it ought to be pointed out that the journalist responsible for reporting the original piece, which you may find here, is known by Private Eye as Dr Thomas Utterfraud.

Belief might also be shaken by personal field research, certainly the sound of female cackling chez Bloghorn, has not ceased since the subject was raised.

The last word (and picture) to Mr Dishington.

He’s ’oozing’ something but it’s not sex appeal
3rd January 2008
British cartoon talent

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