The week in Bloghorn tweets: January 15

Foghorn for Cartoon of the WeekThe week in some short links.

British comic artist Bryan Talbot released a flood of original artwork with a direct sale to market at his website. Bloghorn was pleased to see this, as direct sale to fans seems like a very sensible way to make a living from drawing in these hard economic times.

Comics veteran Jack Kirby’s battle to claim copyright of his character creations for Marvel comics ran into a stonewall corporate response. Bloghorn was unsurprised to see this results from not having been clear about what was being “sold” as regards rights from the original drawings. The moral for visual creators is to know your rights and get them stated in black and white when the job is agreed. (Also, earn a lot of money and be able to employ a good lawyer.)

And Warren Ellis pointed us in the direction of a show in London that we did not know about … have a look see.

You can follow the UK ProCartoonists through Bloghorn on Twitter day-to-day.

Updated on 16th Jan 2010: There was some appalling spelling in this piece which was cheerfully and helpfully pointed out by some of our members from the PCO (which runs Bloghorn). Our thanks and apologies to Steve Bright and Andy Davey, not to mention anyone else who had the misfortune to read the original version.

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