Thoughts turn to Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival 2012

As the ice melts, thoughts turn to spring and that means the annual cartoon festival at Shrewsbury.

The event theme this year is “Flying” and we will be featuring some of the terrific art submitted to the festival exhibition by our members in the coming weeks, in between explaining what you can expect when you reach the Shropshire town.

Bloghorn: Cartoon Shrewsbury 2012 - Denis Dowland on Flight

We’ve debuted the cartoon above by Denis Dowland today.

The local “fly-by-day-or-nights” from RAF Cosford are heavily involved in this year’s event as are our friends from Reader’s Digest magazine. We’ll have more details on the Bloghorn soon. In the meantime, you might like to relive some of our previous coverage from other years of the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival in the archives of the respective “springs” you’ll find on the right-hand side of your screen.

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