Through the keyhole: a peek into the creative life

People aspiring to work in creative areas, whether it be drawing cartoons, illustration, graphic design or writing novels, are always fascinated with how other people actually go about it. And, indeed, the usual questions – Where do you draw/write? What equipment do you use? etc – are often as fascinating to those already making a living in these areas.

The Guardian’s Saturday Review section has a regular feature in which we get to poke our noses into the studies and studios of well-known creative types, and what’s the betting that it’s the most widely read part of that high-brow supplement? But did you know there is a blog that provides the same facility?

It’s called On My Desk and features words and pictures from artists and other creative folk, letting us into their home studios and telling us how they work. You can search through the archive or upload your own details if you want to let others know how you do it. Several cartoonists can be found on there, including the PCO’s own Tim Harries and Gerard Whyman.

Have a nose round, it’s fun. It’s a bit like an online version of TV’s Through the Keyhole, so you won’t be able to resist the temptation to adopt a Loyd Grossman voice and whine “Who works in a house like thiiis …?”

British cartoon talent

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