UK Political cartoon gallery to move

December 23, 2009 in General

Foghorn for Cartoon of the WeekThe UK Political Cartoon Gallery is to move from its premises on Store Street, near Tottenham Court Road in London, early in 2010.

Owner and publisher Tim Benson told Bloghorn;

I believe we have gone as far as I think we can [at the Store Street venue] without becoming stale and repetitive. Staying in London I believe is also no longer any great advantage. There is just too much competition for publicising what we do. Out of London we believe, we will get far more interest and far more local coverage. A change of direction will breath new life into the society and our new prospective venue will allow us to do far more in the way of exhibitions than we have done before.

Tim would like to thank all those who have supported the gallery over the last five years – and confirms there are four new books planned for publication in the New Year.

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  1. Interesting and encouraging perhaps that Dr Tim thinks that being in London is no longer an advantage. Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival’s success would seem to back up that view. London is inward looking.Its bound to be – there’s so much there. Being out of London allows for focus.

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