Video reveals post US election plight of Manus Island refugees


Image shown not from video

The Blog has visited the Manus Island story before, focussing on the cartoonist “Eaten Fish” (see below), hence our appreciation to Malie Russell, a director of First Book*, for drawing the PCO’s attention to a video on The New York Times’ website which can be viewed via this link.

Although it only runs for just under two and a half minutes in length, this film by Megan Specia and Yara Bishara conveys the increasing distress of refugees in the Australian run detention camp caused by the uncertainty of their situation following the election of Donald Trump.

Australia had an agreement with the previous Barack Obama led administration that would have seen many of the refugees – most of whom are from Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq – relocated to the United States. A phone call between Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, however, has resulted in doubts being cast as to whether this resettlement deal will be honoured by the new President. Trump allegedly cut the conversation short and later tweeted that he would “study this dumb deal”.

You can read more about Manus Island and the trying circumstances of cartoonist Eaten Fish’s internment in a previous Blog article here

*First Book is a non-profit social enterprise providing education essentials to children in need. Visit their website here.


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