Welcome to the Bloghorn’s new home

In a bid to kick start the UK housing market, the Bloghorn has moved to these new premises. Please enjoy poking around, our apologies if you find anything is working in other than tip-top fashion, but you know how it is with moving.

The chairleg for the Bloghorn’s eminence grise, The Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, said:

Finding Bloghorn a new home is an essential step on our path to world domi … sorry, I mean the new Bloghorn platform will allow us more flexibility in doing what we want to do; making sure that a little more of the world is aware of our popular art form by presenting the work of very best of UK cartoonists, together with news items and cartoon-related features, all amazingly with only minimal recourse to tits, bums and Celebrity-Boffing-on-Ice.

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