We’re all in this together … the final Foghorn

All good things must come to an end, and so it has come to pass that Foghorn, the magazine of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation has reached its final issue. Fear not, for it is going out with a smile on its face. The theme, as featured on the cover by our out-going Chairman Andy Davey, is “We’re all in this together”.–>

What’s inside?

Rupert Besley reflects on pyramids, pillocks and Gizas

How architects deal with austere times by Roger Penwill

Foghorn’s Guide to All Being In It Together

Curmudgeon calls for a National Moan

… and many, many cartoons, including a full page of work from Clive Collins MBE.

You can read the whole thing online here! 

And what now for Foghorn? well, changes are afoot. Watch this space …

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