Wilbur Dawbarn’s train of thought…

March 13, 2017 in General

© Wilbur Dawbarn

Wilbur Dawbarn writes:

I recently read of a bit of a trend among commuters to spend all that time they sit around waiting — either for trains to come or for the train they are on to reach its destination — doing something creative.

What a nice idea! Instead of gnashing your teeth and pacing up and down the platform like a caged animal, or completing another 47 levels of Angry Nerds, why not work on that novel you always wanted to write? Or crochet the Bayeux Tapestry on a series of cushion covers? Or make yourself a beautiful ball gown out of duct tape? Or, or… well, the possibilities are endless…

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  1. Super cartoon, Wilbur. The UK’s got a thing about queuing/waiting though, hasn’t it ?

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