Wit versus humour, by John Jensen

February 8, 2010 in Comment

Coming soon: John Jensen writes for Bloghorn about ideas, wit versus humour, and the international language of cartoon competitions. Watch this space.

John Jensen rugby illustration © Punch Ltd

6 responses to Wit versus humour, by John Jensen

  1. And Mr Jensen’s superb work adorns the cover of the upcoming Foghorn magazine too.

  2. Can’t wait!!! The distinctions between Wit, Whimsy and Humour make an interesting subject for discussion.

  3. I wish I had discovered Bloghorn before. Great site.

  4. Better late than never, Rozanne. Welcome!

  5. And do feel free to tell your friends about us.

  6. Great! Looking forward to Mr Jensen’s musings. He really is rather good isn”t he?

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