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Bloghorn’s cartoon pick of the week

September 12, 2008 in Links, News

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week. Quite a lot of it appeared to be bashing the Prime Minister …

One: Dave Brown in the Independent on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

Two: Noel Ford in the Church Times on Fairtrade clergymen

Three: Mac (Stan McMurtry) in the Daily Mail on life’s little problems. “Maybe it’s someone to see the house”

Week ending 12th September 2008

It’s British cartoon talent

Cartoons and poetry meet on stage

September 9, 2008 in General

PCOer Clive Goddard on a unique cartooning event

It’s not every day you hear of a comedy double-act show featuring a poet and a cartoonist. I recently got a ticket for such an event at the Cornerstone Theatre, Didcot.

The cartoonist in question was Tony Husband, whose work I’ve admired for years, and the poet was TV and radio’s Ian McMillan, (“the Shirley Bassey of performance poetry”) best known for appearances on the likes of Have I Got News For You.

The pair have been touring their show around large chunks of the country for several years now. It was billed as “A Cartoon History of Here” which intrigued me as I imagined these two Lancashire blokes would know very little about Didcot, an Oxfordshire dormitory town with a railway station, a power station and not much else. As it turned out, they did know very little about Didcot – that’s where the audience came in.

Right from the off Ian McMillan was very funny. He did an excellent job of making everyone feel very relaxed, which was just as well considering the audience participation which was to follow. We had to wait a while for Tony’s contribution. For the first half hour or so he sat anonymously behind a desk at the back, like the Pet Shop Boys’ keyboard player.

The idea, it emerged, was for Ian to elicit ideas (preferably silly ones) about the town from the audience, which were turned into an improvised communal poem, acted out by lucky volunteers and illustrated by Tony’s cartoons.

Tony drew on sheets of acetate directly onto an overhead projector so we got to see how fast he drew – and thought (both of which were pretty damn fast). The style was relaxed, confident and instantly recognisable, which is what you’d expect of someone who has been Cartoonist of the Year several times.

At the end of the evening Tony gave away his drawings to an appreciative group of clamouring young fans, which meant I didn’t get one.

All in all, a great idea and great fun. As was the remainder of the evening in the pub where we fearlessly grilled the pair on their intimate lives and learned nothing. Well, nothing printable.

Thanks, Clive. Bloghorn says click G for Goddard.

The PCO: British cartoon talent

Cartoonists and the party political convention – Part 2: The Republicans

September 8, 2008 in General

With Hurricane Gustav battering the Gulf Coast many of the cartoonists covering the DNC last week crossed the country to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis Saint Paul, including Rob Rogers (who had to cut short his visit to the convention due to his father’s death), Walt Handelsman and’s JD Crowe.

Other cartoonists covering the convention from home include Rob Tornoe (sketchbook), and Ron Rogers. The British media was again represented by Kal (sketchbook day 1, day 2, day 3 ) and Steve Bell (sketchbook days 4-8, day 9, day 10, day 11).

It’s British cartoon talent

by Royston

Cartoon Pick of the Week

September 5, 2008 in Links, News

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week…

One: Peter Brookes in The Times on gunning for Sarah Palin

Two: Clay Bennett at on Barack Obama: a tough act to follow

But enough US elections, already … Three: Wilbur Dawbarn in Private Eye looks at the the gravity of the situation

The PCO: British cartoon talent

by Royston

Getting your message across using cartoons

September 3, 2008 in General

The IT giant Google is clearly aware of the power of cartoons in putting across information in an accessible way. The company hired cartoonist Scott McCloud to produce a 38-page comic book to promote its new Chrome web browser. You can see the comic online here: Google Chrome.

While we’re on the subject of cartoons online, the PCO has written a guest post on the influential Online Journalism Blog about how news organisations treat cartoons online.

The PCO: British cartoon talent

Cartoonists and the party political convention

September 1, 2008 in General

Party political conference season is nearly upon us here in Britain, but in the US the Democratic Party have already finished their turn. The cartoonists were out in force both drawing and blogging in Denver, Colorado.

Cartoon blogs from the convention include Rob Rogers from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (convention blog), convention first-timer Walt Handelsman from Newsday, Jen Sorenson from the Charlottesville C-Ville and Denver local Ed Stein from the Rocky Mountain News.

Interesting to note that a number of US cartoonists have chosen not to attend the Convention in person, such as Dan Wasserman from the Boston Globe, Rob Tornoe from (sketchbook), Matt Davies from the Journal News, David Horsey from the Seattle Post-Intelligencier and Ron Rogers from the South Bend Tribune (sketchbook), instead chosing to work from their studios, well away from the media crush.

In the meantime from the British press we had Steve Bell from the Guardian (sketchbook day 1, day 2, day 3)and Kal from the Economist (sketchbook day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4) actually in attendance.

It’s British cartoon talent