Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week … One: Nick Newman in the Spectator on Ross and Brand Two: Christian Adams in the Telegraph: Peter Mandelson – three strikes … Three: Royston Robertson in Reader’s Digest: No man is an island Week ending 31st October 2008 The PCO: British cartoon talent From the PCO (Professional […]

The cartoonist and the rebounding, rubber artwork

PCOer Chris Burke sends a visual report on the phenomenon of rubber, or, rebounding artwork. Clients always want artwork as soon as possible but, strangely, there is always time for it to come back for changes. We offer here an example of Chris’s work with before and after images showing the changes requested in a […]

Cartoon exhibitions: Giles and more

Giles: One of the Family is at the Cartoon Museum in London from November 5 until February 8, 2009. Click image to enlarge Whenever there is a show dedicated to a big name in the world of painting, such as Monet or Rothko, the media describes it as a “blockbuster exhibition”. Well, this must be […]

A cartoonist's farewell to Dubya

Whoever wins the US election, he is probably unlikely to be as much of a gift to cartoonists as the guy who is currently putting his feet up in the Oval Office. US editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich tells us “What I’ll Miss About George W.” The PCO: Great British cartoon talent From the PCO (Professional […]

Cartoon books coming out

The clocks have fallen back, and subsequently the nights are drawing in, so as we race towards Christmas publishers are putting out books on cartooning. Here’s a selection of recent example that may be filling stockings come December. First up is The History of the Beano: The Story so Far, a comprehensive round-up of the […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week … One: Steve Bell in the Guardian on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe allowance. Two: Nick Newman in the Times on the Madonna/Guy Ritchie divorce. Three: Dave Brown from the Independent on George Osborne and Peter Mandelson’s boat trip. Week ending 24th October 2008 The PCO: British cartoon talent From […]

John Jensen goes jellybeans over Stardust

There are cartoon fossickers who dig and delve among old comics – I’m talking American comics, circa late 1930s and early 1940s, looking for, and still finding, strange treasures and curios. Like, for example, Stardust, Fantomah, Buzz Crandall of the Space Patrol and, finally, Big Red McLane of the Northwoods. The link between them is […]

Cartoonist Les Barton dies

Les Barton, a fine cartoonist who worked in both the gag cartoons and the comics markets, has died. He was as well known for cartoons in magazines such as Punch as for his comic work, including the much-loved “I Spy” in Sparky. Born in 1923, he began selling cartoons in the 1940s and was a […]

Professional cartoonist workshops at the Big Draw

The PCO provided the all-day cartoon and drawing workshops at The Big Draw. Here, two of our members report on what they did there. Click the images to enlarge Paul Hardman writes: The title of the workshop I ran was “Who Do You Think You Are?” It involved a very long roll of paper on […]