Strip that dared to imagine the future

Planetfall, original Dan Dare artwork by Frank Hampson Dan Dare and the Birth of Hi-Tech Britain, is running at the Science Museum in London. The exhibition looks at how the Eagle comic strip imagined a brave new technological future, some parts of which came true, while others remained science fiction. The show has been running […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work during this week ending the 26th June 2009. One: Christian Adams in the Daily Telegraph: on the Iraq inquiry Two: Kipper Williams in The Guardian on bankers Three: Glen LeLievre in Prospect in Narnia The PCO: Great British cartoon talent Subscribe to The Foghorn – our print cartoon magazine

Artist of the Month – Kate Scurfield

In our final talk with artist of the month Kate Scurfield, we asked what she thought about the future of cartooning in the digital age. E-mail has revolutionised delivery of images, although some editors (young ones) have used it to shorten deadlines. I believe as broadband speeds improve, the system will permit more elaborate websites […]

Art Spiegelman and the Refugee Ship Blues

The potential for the power of the visual image is demonstrated by this recent editorial comic strip in the Washington Post by Maus cartoonist Art Spiegelman. The strip focuses on American editorial cartoonists’ response to the arrival (and subsequent denial of entry) of a shipload of 900 Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany in 1939 (the […]

Donald Duck hits 75

Disney cartoon character Donald Duck recently celebrated his 75th birthday. He made his first appearance in the 1934 short The Wise Little Hen, and has gone on to appear in more than 128 films (more than Mickey Mouse) including a series of WWII propaganda films. In 2005 he finally received a star on the Hollywood […]

Cartoonists out and about in Europe

PCOer Tayo Fatunla was an invitee to the recent Nostrum Cartoon Festival in Mallorca and also recently seen abroad was Graham Fowell at Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands. This festival which is held in the Markienzenhof national museum also houses a permanent exhibition of satirical art. Graham reports: Attending cartoonists and their companions spent […]

Dave Brown on new cartoon exhibition

Prudence and Stability, by Dave Brown, after Dignity and Impudence by Edwin Landseer (1839) The Independent today features a new article by cartoonist Dave Brown, about his exhibition Rogues’ Gallery: More Misused Masterpieces which is currently at the Political Cartoon Gallery in London.

Cartoon Pick of the Week: Redacted

MPs are back in the news again with the release of their heavily blacked-out expense reports, so Bloghorn has a special round-up of the best of the redacted, censored and otherwise obscured cartoons for the week ending the 19th June 2009. One: Matt in the Daily Telegraph gives us a historical perspective on the story. […]

Artist of the Month – Kate Scurfield

Bloghorn asked our Artist of the Month, Kate Scurfield, which other cartoonist’s work she admired. We were not surprised by the answer. Norman Thelwell…I adored his books from age six and met him ten years later ! I even trained in technical drawing like Thelwell as part of my studies, which probably accounts for the […]