Bloghorn: Moving home this autumn

We’re back after our summer holiday with some good news for the autumn. We’re moving to a new home alongside all of the portfolios from our membership of professional UK cartoonists. Packing the boxes will take us a little while but this blog won’t be moving anywhere even though eventually all our new updates will […]

Round up: What the Bloghorn saw

Rob Murray writes: Music by The Smiths has inspired a comics collection, Unite and Take Over, due for release in November. Smiths fan Shawn Demumbrum of Phoenix, Arizona has assembled 13 creative teams to interpret songs by the band as comic strips, each three or four pages in length. Demumbrum, who is currently looking for […]

Foghorn – The magazine by cartoonists

Bloghorn commends summer reading with the NEW* issue of Foghorn magazine due for publication. It’s the only cartoon magazine made by the cartoonists themselves. You can try a digital copy and subscribe to six print issues a year for £20 here. Don’t miss it. * See what we did there?