Eliot Lord

House of Lord Illustration

As Seen, Nowhere yet! Please Hire Me!– Right begging over. Hello! I’m Eliot Lord. I was born in 1997 in London, and I love politics. I live in London still (with family to save on rent), and also have a twin brother.

I love drawing and always have. Cartooning was an obvious next step although having done two fine art degrees, most art tutors I’ve had didn’t see it as a fine art. IT IS.

I’m a mad maker- I draw everyday, or at least try to, and when I do, the ideas flow. My work has been reviewed by The Guardian, slated by Time Out and The Telegraph, mentioned in Creative Boom and NARC, and featured in New Contemporaries 2019, Minute Books 31 Nights In Europe and GreenGrads 2023. I’m still yet to be published officially though, so if you want my work for your publication, hit me up.