Sam Hepburn

Sam is a writer, cartoonist and illustrator, with a passion for creating relatable, funny, and beautifully detailed drawings. Previously a copywriter and creative consultant for over a decade in Asia and the UK, Sam brings a strong conceptual and marketing background to the table. Now based in Kent, she runs her own company called wonderful idea studio and is always on the lookout for unusual and interesting work.

She is the author of the comic strip Welcome to Agency X and gag cartoon Questionable Quotebook, and is currently working on a new project with the Writers House literary agency where she is represented as an author-illustrator.

Skills and areas of interest:
• Playful illustrations for card/board games and greeting cards
• Webcomics designed for social media and online engagement
• Satirical cartoons that appeal to a broadsheet audience
• Funny illustrations for blogs, magazines, newsletters, and mailouts
• Long-term creative collaborations with authors, creators, and founders
• Debut books, passion projects, and quirky/eccentric products