Simon Ellinas

Cartoons, Caricatures and Illustrations

From a childhood lying on my bedroom floor filling drawing books with cartoons to adulthood filling magazines, newspapers and books with cartoons, caricatures and illustrations, very little has changed in my professional life.

As a magazine designer from Marvel Comics (UK) through to a freelance career with clients as varied as Abbey National, Marathon Oil and Rolls-Royce, I would always squeeze in a cartoon or caricature where a feature allowed.

Newspapers and Magazines

Now, primarily as a cartoonist/illustrator, my work appears regularly in The Daily Mail and sporadically in other publications such as Philosophy Now and the Polish magazine WProst. Book authors also regularly contact me to decorate their covers and fill their pages with illustrations. My caricatures are often commissioned by private individuals as gifts for their friends/colleagues and I am often called upon to illustrate ‘business processes/company strategies’ with cartoons.

I produced a series of video interviews with celebrities while cartoonists drew them – Chattoon! The Chat Show with Cartoons

Other websites include Cartoon and Caricature Illustration by Cartoonist in London and  London Underground Caricatures 

When I’m not cartooning, you’ll find me walking dogs, trying to play the guitar, swimming or just looking out of a window.