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Cartoon Pick of the Week

June 12, 2009 in Links, News

Bloghorn spotted this great work during this week ending the 12th June 2009.

One: Dan Wasserman in the Boston Globe on job cuts at his own paper

Two: Nick Newman in Private Eye: on the latest resignation.

Three: and Morten Morland of The Times on the travails of PM Gordon Brown.

The PCO: Great British cartoon talent
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John Updike: writer and would-be cartoonist

January 28, 2009 in General

Dan Wasserman at the Boston Globe writes about the writer and long-time admirer of cartoon and comic art here.

As previously covered on the Bloghorn, Updike was one of many well-known public figures who dabbled in cartooning but found they lacked the full set of skills necessary to survive in its competitive world.