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Diamond Jubilation

June 1, 2012 in Comment, General

Procartoonists.org_Imagining_the_Diamond_Jubilee © Bill Stott @

© Bill Stott @

How one’s Diamond Jubilee might get imagineered.
“ OK. Ideas. Royal Progress. Any? Toby. Yes?”
“Well, erm, they’re both well, erm, getting on a bit, yeah?”
“We know that Toby – ergo the Diamond bit in Jubilee. ”
“Yes, well, erm, I thought that, well, and I mean, well, perish the thought … ”
“That’s four wells Toby.”
“Gosh, sorry, yes, erm, I thought we could get ‘em on a sort of barge thing on the river.”
“Hmmm. Barge, river, yes, good, good. Didn’t the other Elizabeth do this? We’re listening Tobes”
“Erm, well, sorry, but if anything sort of untoward happens, like the, erm, you know, the dying thing, well, they’d be too far away from the bank for anybody to notice. Need strapping in, of course. Maybe a bit of string to keep the old hand waving.”
“Toby, that is mega, and I mean mega! Jocasta! Miles! Make it so! Barge on the river! Brilliant! And if the worst happens, we could have a burial at sea! How bloody royal is THAT? Head of THE maritime nation! Slumbering in the deep! God, this knocks the Falklands into a cocked hat! Get Dave on the blower and tell him he’s safe for another term!”
Imagineering by Bill Stott. You might also enjoy a timely look back at our coverage of the Cartoon Museum’s excellent Her Maj show from earlier this year.

Her Maj show opens

February 2, 2012 in Comment

Bloghorn can recommend a visit to the Cartoon Museum on behalf of Her Maj. Opening night was packed and once the TV cameras had been dodged it was possible to see some fantastic work on the walls. We’ve featured a little below, from, ahem, our members and we thank the good folk at the museum for their help.

Queen cartoon by Colin Whittock

The Queen in Ireland, Private Eye, 2011 by Colin Whittock

We should also point to yesterday’s episode of Radio 4’s Midweek in which Museum patron Lord Baker discussed the show with Libby Purves, a patron of the PCO. You can listen to it on iPlayer here.

Up the Mall by Steadman

Up The Mall: An Everyday Tale of Royal Folk. Private Eye, 1968, by Ralph Steadman

And with that, Bloghorn defers and retreats to draw the new Royal dog.

by Royston

The unofficial jubilee

January 17, 2012 in Events, News

An exhibition called Her Maj: 60 Years of Unofficial Portraits of the Queen will be staged at the Cartoon Museum in London next month.

The museum promises that it will be “teasing, afffectionate and at times downright unflattering — unlike any other Diamond Jubilee exhibition”.

It opens on February 1 and runs until April 8. We’ll have more nearer the time.

Cartoon by Wally Fawkes aka Trog