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Owzat! Instant cartoon

November 26, 2012 in Events, General, News

Telegraph cricket reportage @

The hacks at the Daily Telegraph sports department have been taking on the art of the cartoon after a row over image rights deprived them of photography from the current test match series between England and India.

In a splendid example of making a spectacle when delivered of a googly, the journalists drew the action as it happened using some of the many digital drawing tools that now exist. We’ve linked to a few examples from the first and second tests.

Of course, the artwork is hurried and everyone thinks they are a comedian, but we say helmets off for effort. But, you know where to come when you need the professionals.

Cricket metaphor as applied by © Phil Disley @

More fully developed cricket metaphor © Phil Disley @

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Score draw

August 10, 2010 in General, News

The legal battles over control of image rights and licensing may have benefit for those who can draw.

England’s Plymouth Herald newspaper found it could not use the work of its press photographer at local club Plymouth Argyle’s away match at Southampton FC. This is because of licensing restrictions imposed on non-home club image makers at the Southampton ground, St Mary’s.

Instead the Plymouth paper found it could illustrate the game with drawing.

Bloghorn offers a sharp intake of breath, an OOOH! and applause for the SAVE! Let’s see some more use of drawing for news reportage. The creative talent is about to do it.