The Round-up

The BBC has been looking at how political cartoonists in Northern Ireland coped with covering the Troubles. You can read the article and see an episode of BBC Northern Ireland’s The Arts Show (until 28 April) here. Meanwhile, in the Republic of Ireland, The Irish Times has apologised for a cartoon about priests by Martyn […]

The Round-up Above: the exiled Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat talks to the BBC about taking on a dictator’s regime with pen and ink. Art Spiegelman, the acclaimed cartoonist behind Maus, Raw and the Garbage Pail Kids, is interviewed for NPR as he publishes a new retrospective collection. Listen to him here. In November, Tate will publish […]

Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

Rob Murray writes: US cartoonist Ted Rall, who put himself up for sale on eBay earlier this month, has written about  how his left-wing views have seen him dropped by even left-leaning publications. In an opinion piece titled Rise of the Obamabots, he recounts some of the rejections he’s received from left-of-centre magazines and argues […]

Cartoonist for sale

US cartoonist Ted Rall has put himself up for sale on Ebay which is an admirably direct way of demonstrating the service a cartoonist provides. [blackbirdpie url=”!/TedRall/status/66221589401829376″] Bloghorn sees it’s a low bid at present but last week’s debut auction did this. Good luck Ted.

President Obama in cartoons

Cartoon by Andy Davey The exhibition Yankee Doodles! President Barack Obama in Cartoons is at the Political Cartoon Gallery in London from today (April 23) until June 13 Here is a report on this from the BBC. Continuing the theme American, some drawings from a recession-hit New York (via the New York Times).