Young Cartoonist of the Year 2013

  We are particularly pleased to say that one of our members has won the annual award although none of our membership were too surprised. Hearty congratulations go to Will McPhail who secured the under 30 years prize from our friends at the British Cartoonists’ Association and The Cartoon Museum. Harry McSweeney carried off the […]

The young guns

If the average age of cartoonists is generally at the high end of the scale, as mentioned by Private Eye in its 50th celebrations, there a couple of young guns currently working to change that. Ben Jennings, 21, and PCO member Rob Murray, 30, have been chosen to draw cartoons for the i newspaper in […]

Young Cartoonist of 2011

The winner in the under-30s category in the Young Cartoonist of the Year contest, organised by the British Cartoonists’ Association, is Joe Mounsey, 25. The BCA chairman Martin Rowson, also a PCO member, told the Bloghorn that Joe so little expected to win that he arranged to go to Berlin for work on the night […]

Young Cartoonist of 2011

Results are coming in from our sister organisation, the British Cartoonists’ Association, and congratulations are due to 13-year-old Jasper Ashton-Nelson, winner in the under-18s category. We publish below his winning entry, with thanks to BCA chairman and PCO member Martin Rowson. You may read about Jasper’s win in this report from the Newcastle Journal. © Jasper […]