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Young Cartoonist of the Year 2013

October 3, 2013 in Events, General, News


Will McPhail cartoon

© Will McPhail cartoon

We are particularly pleased to say that one of our members has won the annual award although none of our membership were too surprised.

Hearty congratulations go to Will McPhail who secured the under 30 years prize from our friends at the British Cartoonists’ Association and The Cartoon Museum.

Harry McSweeney carried off the under 18 years prize for this natty observation on the human condition.

Cartoon: Harry McSweeney Young cartoonist of the Year 2013

© Harry McSweeney Young cartoonist of the Year 2013

Harry told us:

He was especially chuffed that he had beaten such a lot of entries and the £250 was the icing on the cake. The congratulations letter from Martin Rowson really appealed to Harry’s sense of humour. He was made to feel very special at the awards ceremony and he enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame. He appreciated the advice he received from the professional cartoonists, mostly  to keep on drawing! He especially took on board the advice from Will McPhaill who having made it as an artist/cartoonist which would be Harry’s dream job. They shared a comedy moment on the podium with a mix up with winners certificates (Harry feeling he had the better deal receiving the Under 30 certificate which will last him another 16 years!)

This whole experience has definitely boosted his confidence and encouraged him to keep on drawing.As one former Punch cartoonist told him getting in to bother at school for doodling, never did him any harm! 

It’s good to see our fine old trade being renewed in this way and so we also tip our hats to the Spectator magazine which has also dipped a toe in the murky waters of running cartoon competitions. This undertaking is supported by John Lobb, the bootmaker which may be handy in the event of an online kicking.

If you would like some evidence about the challenges of running a public competition, you can read all about Cartoon Idol of recent years past or some lively public comment about the Spectator’s latest prize offering over at the public forum of the Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain.

The young guns

December 12, 2011 in Comment

If the average age of cartoonists is generally at the high end of the scale, as mentioned by Private Eye in its 50th celebrations, there a couple of young guns currently working to change that.

Ben Jennings Alistair DarlingBen Jennings, 21, and PCO member Rob Murray, 30, have been chosen to draw cartoons for the i newspaper in the new year. It announced the result of its Cartoonist Idol competition today.

Ben who is in the final year of an illustration degree at the University of Westminster, has also been given the Gillray Goblet for political cartoon of the year at the Political Cartoon Society Awards. He won for the above cartoon, which appeared in the Guardian in August.

A suitably startled Ben was presented with the goblet by the former chancellor Alistair Darling, at the awards ceremony last week. (Photo by Colin Dodds.)

He will draw political cartoons at the i and Rob, who writes regularly for the Bloghorn, will be drawing pocket cartoons. Rob is also fairly new to the cartooning game, but has already been widely published in magazines such as Private Eye and The Spectator.

Edited: 14th December 2011

Peter Brookes of The Times won best Cartoonist of the year and Steve Bell of The Guardian was runner up in the single cartoon competition.

by Royston

Young Cartoonist of 2011

November 29, 2011 in Comment

The winner in the under-30s category in the Young Cartoonist of the Year contest, organised by the British Cartoonists’ Association, is Joe Mounsey, 25.

Joe Mounsey cartoon

The BCA chairman Martin Rowson, also a PCO member, told the Bloghorn that Joe so little expected to win that he arranged to go to Berlin for work on the night of the awards ceremony. His award will be picked up by a friend.

The awards will be handed out at the Cartoon Art Trust Awards at the Mall Galleries in London this Thursday (December 1). Jasper Ashton-Nelson, 13, has already been named as winner in the under-18s group.

The Cartoon Art Trust is the organisation that runs the Cartoon Museum, and its annual fundraising awards ceremony (the museum does not receive public funding) is now in its 17th year. Awards will also be given to cartoonists working in newspapers and magazines.

Young Cartoonist of 2011

November 23, 2011 in Comment

Results are coming in from our sister organisation, the British Cartoonists’ Association, and congratulations are due to 13-year-old Jasper Ashton-Nelson, winner in the under-18s category. We publish below his winning entry, with thanks to BCA chairman and PCO member Martin Rowson. You may read about Jasper’s win in this report from the Newcastle Journal.

© Jasper Ashton-Nelson