PCO Procartoonists – cartoon art

Brian Sewell, the really quite grown up enfant terrible of the whacky, zany world of art criticism, when asked if cartooning was an art, replied “Oh no. It’s a facility.“ A polysyllabic reply, if nothing else. But more than that, he and others in his profession or trade or art or facility are regularly put […]

Artist of the month: Martin Honeysett

It’s the last week to enjoy Martin Honeysett’s work as the first PCO artist of the month. The PCO says click H for Honeysett From the PCO (Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation)

PCO Procartoonists – The power of images

The BBC magazine has produced an interesting piece on family board games from World War 2. When you read the piece and look at the games, they were clearly no more than thinly disguised political propaganda. At the time these were made, sold and distributed, the government, who encouraged their production, was clearly, keenly aware […]

PCO Procartoonists – An artist’s story

PCO member Noel Ford writes; I’ve just had an interesting and, for me, unique experience, complete with ironic twist, that should be of interest to any cartoonists with a grievance concerning the unauthorised use of their cartoons. Earlier this year, a client informed me that three of the of the cartoon illustrations which I had […]

Artist of the month: Martin Honeysett

Please enjoy this drawn reminder that Martin Honeysett is the PCO’s artist of the month. Click H for Honeysett. From the PCO (Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation)

PCO Procartoonists – Advice from a professional cartoonist

PCO member Nigel Sutherland says; I could worry myself about rival cartoonists and agents etc., but that would just lead to unnecessary stress and time wasted. While it’s right to be aware of what’s going on in the “industry” I find it better and more productive to concentrate on what I’m doing and in promoting […]

PCO Procartoonists: On music and making art

PCO member Bill Stott writes; The conductors of the country’s five main philharmonic orchestrashave issued a manifesto to the government, deploring levels of understanding and accessibility to classical music with regard to “the majority of young people” in the UK. One of many recommendations, amongst the usual cries for more and better teaching of music, […]