Cartoon exhibition: Beano and Dandy Birthday Bash

Click the above image to enlarge it, and see how many characters you can name The Beano and Dandy Birthday Bash exhibition opens today at the Cartoon Museum in London. PCOer Royston Robertson writes: I attended the preview of the show last night and can report that, as you would expect, it’s great fun. For […]

Cartoons in the media – again

Following on from our post last friday, Bloghorn noticed Blue Peter, the Beeb’s long running children’s TV show, has launched something called Comic creator, which you can find here.Handmade British cartoon talent From the PCO (Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation)

Cartooning in the media: It's not all bad news

PCOer Royston Robertson says we cartoonists need to lighten up about media coverage of our profession There’s no doubt that cartoons are enjoying an unusually high profile in the British media at the moment. We’ve seen acres of coverage for the launch of new kids’ comic The DFC (left), the 70th anniversary of The Beano […]

Artist of the Month: Clive Goddard

Clive Goddard has been the PCO Artist of the month for July 2008. If you’d like to see the four featured pieces of Clive’s work we have published on Bloghorn during July, click the term, Clive Goddard, in the labels underneath this writing, or, click G for Goddard here. It’s British cartoon talent From the […]

Cartoon review: Phill Jupitus on Radio 4

Strip by comedian and wannabe cartoonist Phill Jupitus PCOer Neil Dishington reviews Comic Love, Phill Jupitus’s BBC Radio Four show in praise of newspaper comic strips Apparently Phill Jupitus is a thwarted cartoonist. Aren’t we all? I should admit that he is not my favourite comedian, and I am not a particular fan of comic […]

Cartoon exhibition: The Graphic Art of Comment

The Graphic Art of Comment, an exhibition of cartoons and illustrations from the Comment pages of the Guardian newspaper opens tomorrow (July 24) and runs until September 26. It showcases the work of more than 20 artists whose work can be seen in the paper’s Comment pages, including Martin Rowson, Steve Bell and David Parkins. […]

An interview with Nick Park

Multi-award winning animator and cartoonist Nick Park of Aardman Animations is interviewed here by Owen Gibson of The Guardian. Park talks with pleasure of getting to edit the 70th anniversary edition of the Beano which we blogged about earlier here.British cartoon talent From the PCO (Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation)

Artist of the month: Clive Goddard

Clive Goddard is the PCO Artist of the month for July 2008. Bloghorn says click G for Goddard. British cartoon talent From the PCO (Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation)

Celebrity cartoonists

As cartoonist-turned-comedian Phill Jupitus prepares to talk of his love of cartoons on the radio, PCOer Royston Robertson looks at some other celebrities who once wielded drawing pens MEL CALMAN called his autobiography What Else Do You Do?, after the question that is so often put to cartoonists. In fact, there appear to be many […]