2010 Election cartoon round-up

Alex Hughes reports. You may have not noticed, but there’s been a general election in Britian recently. And a general election means it’s open season for the political cartoonists, so here Bloghorn presents a brief summary of the events of the last month or so in cartoon form, starting at the beginning of the election […]

Cartoonists at The Groucho

Revellers at the Groucho Club, London’s premier trendy media hangout, found something to distract them from the anti-climax of the General Election last Thursday night: live cartooning. Members of the PCO, the organisation which runs the Bloghorn, were on hand to draw cartoons in an informal capacity – is there any other way in the […]

Budding Cartoonists Wanted (again)

The New Statesman magazine has a proud history of supporting drawing and in using the work of many outstanding cartoonists over the years; names like Vicky, David Low and Marc Boxer. More recently, the work of Steadman, Fleming, Matt, Simonds, ‘Ham’ Khan and  Felix Bennett have also graced its pages. But things changed a few years ago. All joke cartoonists […]

Workshops at Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival 2010

The Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival doesn’t actually finish at the end of the weekend. Exhibitions continue in venues across the town and organisers run workshops for people keen to explore the skills of drawing and communication. Cartoonist Wilbur Dawbarn ran one of these events and here are photos from his workshops. Bloghorn thanks Shropshire Council’s event […]

In praise of cartoonists

Bloghorn thanks the editorial writers of The Guardian for spotting what our members and many others do in working for the media, companies and individuals. Modesty prevents us from quoting the nice things said about the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation (but do go and read them)! The organisers of the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival would like us […]