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Go ahead punk… CLiNT hits the stands

August 11, 2010 in General, News

A new British adult comic, CLiNT, launches on the 2nd September. Featuring writers including TV’s Jonathan Ross and contraversial comedian Frankie Boyle, the magazine is a collaboration between Kick Ass artist Mark Millar and Titan Publishing. The comic, that Millar describes as “The Eagle for the 21st Century,” is aimed at men aged 16-30. You can find out more information about CLiNT via or Facebook.

In case you’re wondering why the magazine is titled CLiNT, Bloghorn suspects it has more to do with a piece of US comic folklore than a certain Mr Eastwood.

CLiNT number 1 is on sale 2nd September in the UK from all good retailers and specialist comic stores.

Score draw

August 10, 2010 in General, News

The legal battles over control of image rights and licensing may have benefit for those who can draw.

England’s Plymouth Herald newspaper found it could not use the work of its press photographer at local club Plymouth Argyle’s away match at Southampton FC. This is because of licensing restrictions imposed on non-home club image makers at the Southampton ground, St Mary’s.

Instead the Plymouth paper found it could illustrate the game with drawing.

Bloghorn offers a sharp intake of breath, an OOOH! and applause for the SAVE! Let’s see some more use of drawing for news reportage. The creative talent is about to do it.

by Royston

Viz gets respectable

August 9, 2010 in General, News

Viz at the Lit and Phil
Uh-oh, it looks like Viz has finally achieved respectability in it’s home town, as this week sees the opening of an exhibition of original artwork from the adult comic at the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne (that’s Lit and Phil, for short).

The show, featuring the likes of the Fat Slags and Roger Mellie (the Man on the Telly), above, opens on Thursday, August 12, and runs until September 4. Opening times are Mon-Thurs 10am – 7pm, Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 1pm, and admission is £4, or £2 for members.

There is a series of talks and events to tie in with the exhibition. We particularly like the sound of co-founder Simon Donald’s “How to make yourself popular and successful using gutter language”.

More details at the Lit and Phil website.

Thanks to Pete Dredge for drawing our attention to this.

by Royston

Copyright concerns as cartoons go West

August 5, 2010 in Comment

New Yorker cartoon with Kanye West tweet caption
“Hangover’s ain’t good man… hangover’s ain’t good”

The re-captioning of existing New Yorker cartoons, using verbatim ramblings from the Twitter feed of Kanye West, have been raising laughs on various websites.

The trend was started by a pair of US comedians and has been taken up by others. From a cartoonist’s point of view there are clearly issues with copyright, but the New Yorker appears fairly relaxed about it.

This may be because the results, despite West’s dodgy grammar and spelling, are surprisingly effective. The Mick Stevens cartoon above has a certain bizarre charm to it, and this writer’s particular favourite is the Alex Gregory cartoon of two Viking invaders on a beach where one is now saying, “This is gonna be a dope ass day.”

But you wonder what the reaction will be if the trend continues and quality dips. And, of course, it’s unlikely the cartoonists will be seeing further remuneration as their cartoons fly around the world.

The Huffington Post has more on the copyright implications and you can see the cartoons here.

Beetles and Cats

August 4, 2010 in General, News

"You'd better release their ball. They've kidnapped the cat" by Norman Thelwell

The Chris Beetles Gallery in London has an exhibition of cat cartoons, illustrations and paintings opening later this month, titled Louis Wain and the Summer Cat Show 2010.

This show marks the 30th annual exhibition of British cat art at Chris Beetles. Alongside work by the eccentric Edwardian cat artist, Louis Wain, the exhibition features cartoons and sketches by William Heath Robinson, Norman Thelwell and Ronald Searle, although some of the paintings on show do remind Bloghorn of the infamous Viz commemorative plate The Life of Christ in Cats.

Louis Wain and the Summer Cat Show will be showing at the Chris Beetles Gallery, 8 & 10 Ryder St, St James’s, London, from August 14 to September 4, opening hours 10am – 5.30pm, Monday – Saturday. For more details go to

Tortoise Husbandry

August 2, 2010 in General, News

Tony Husband tortoise cartoon
Tony Husband’s tortoise take on England and the World Cup

Many gag cartoonists have had their fruitful areas of interest over the decades. The very wonderful Larry (Terry Parkes) spent productive years milking the world of art, and the great, and recently late, Ray Lowry would have been bereft without rock ‘n’ roll or Nazis.

PCOer Tony Husband’s simple style of drawing – like Larry’s – belies an understanding of the joke-telling format not given to many. He has made a career as one of cartooning’s generalists, able to make a gag about anything. That was until recently, when something strange happened to the Husband oeuvre. It began to become invaded by testudines.

Gags appearing in his normal haunts like Private Eye and The Oldie began to feature tortoises with curious regularity. The Bloghorn was keen to investigate and approached Mr Husband with a demand to come clean about the tortoise invasion. Was it a failed book project – “101 Uses For A Tortoise” – or a batch of rejects from “Tortoises and Tortoisemen (incorporating Tortoise Monthly)”? We needed to be told.

Husband finally revealed all: “The Lord of all Tortoise summoned me to his palace in the deserts of Org. He gave me a mission, to bring the tortoise to the forefront of popular culture. It’s as simple as that.”

Yes, that’s what we suspected.