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by Royston

The Illustrators 2011

November 14, 2011 in Events, News

The Illustrators 2011 opens at the Chris Beetles Gallery in St James’s, London, this weekend, and runs until January 7.

The gallery’s annual winter show features more than 85 much-loved and respected illustrators and cartoonists from 1837 to the present day.

Contemporary cartoonists in The Illustrators 2011 include PCO members Jonathan Cusick, above, and John Jensen, alongside Christian Adams, Peter Brookes, Matt and Ronald Searle.

Also featured is work from big names from the past such as John Tenniel, Beatrix Potter, E.H. Shepard, H.M. Bateman, David Low, Donald McGill, Rowland Emett, Thelwell, Vicky, Giles and Larry.

The grand opening is this weekend, November 19 and 20, 10am-5.30pm, and as usual it is a selling exhibition. Original cartoons and illustrations are one-offs, so it gives the public the chance to buy genuinely unique Christmas presents.

Accompanying the exhibition is a 384-page catalogue, with more than 600 full-colour illustrations and many new biographical essays. This is available from the gallery. For more details visit the Chris Beetles Gallery website.

Bloghorn by email

November 13, 2011 in Comment

As you know, we’ve just moved home and that means changing some details of the service we provide. 

These include an email subscription we use to send you automatic updates of our posts. If your email service is, ahem, disrupted at all during our changes, please use the link at top right hand side of this page to resubscribe. Your choice of email options are at bottom right of the second column on the page.

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Dear subscribers

November 13, 2011 in Comment, Events, News

Can't see Bloghorn from the UK Professional Cartoonists' Organisation?

As you know, we’ve just moved home and that means changing some details of the service we provide.

These include the email subscription link we use to send you automatic updates of our posts. If your email service, ahem, is disrupted at all during our changes, please use this link to resubscribe. The email options are at bottom right of the second column on the page. Thank you.


Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

November 11, 2011 in Links, News

The Washington Post profiles two US cartoonists – the right-leaning Nate Beeler and the left-leaning Susie Cagle – and looks at how they are engaging with the anti-capitalist protests in their cities. Click here for the full article.

Long-time Viz contributer Alex Collier is working on a series of Olympics-themed educational cartoons for children, according to the Sunderland Echo.

Nuts, the cult comic strip by New Yorker, National Lampoon and Playboy cartoonist Gahan Wilson, has been collected in book form by Fantagraphics. Publishers Weekly examines the strip and its creator here.

Bil Keane, the creator of syndicated comic strip The Family Circus, has died aged 89. looks at his life and work here.

Hello and welcome

November 11, 2011 in Events, News

BLoghorn UK Professional Cartoonists

To our new home in the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation portfolio website.

From today we shall be publishing our regular updates here – and there will be a round up post coming along later today.

In the meantime, we recommend you enjoy a terrific selection of the best cartoons just here.

Bloghorn is made by Matthew Buck, Royston Robertson, Alex Hughes and Rob Murray on behalf of the PCO. If you would like to become part of our team please contact us here. We are always looking for writers, book reviewers and people who care about the communication and art of cartooning.

Bloghorn is moving home

November 9, 2011 in Comment, Events, News

Bloghorn for UK cartoon news

Bloghorn for UK cartoon news at

Regular readers will know that Bloghorn is about to move home once more. This will be the third place we have called home since we set out back in 2007. You will be unsurprised to learn we are off to join the portfolio site for the UK Professional Cartoonists Organisation to which @bloghorn belongs.

So gentle reader, please bear with us while we do the necessary nut tightening and deliver the requisite administrative kickings. We will try not to swear.

If this proceeds to plan you shouldn’t notice too much difference.

The Bloghorn is made on behalf of the UK Professional Cartoonists Oranisation by Matthew Buck, Royston Robertson, Alex Hughes and Rob Murray. We welcome submissions and other collaborators to contact us here.

by Royston

Uncensored Rowson cartoons for sale

November 7, 2011 in News

Martin Rowson Stripsearch

Index on Censorship magazine is hosting an auction of Martin Rowson‘s Stripsearch cartoons tomorrow – Tuesday, November 8 – at 6.30pm at the Free Word Centre, 60 Farringdon Road, London.

The auction will be hosted by the writer and broadcaster Laurie Taylor and admission is free. Contact if you wish to attend. An exhibition of the cartoons will run from tomorrow until December 2. The venue can be contacted on 020-7324 2570.

What the Bloghorn Saw…

November 4, 2011 in News

Foghorn Bloghorn for The UK Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation Rob Murray writes:

Bloghorn is sad to note the death of Tony Reeve, the much-loved gag and strip cartoonist for Private Eye, Punch, The Spectator and others. He was joking to the end, contributing a gag to the Eye as recently as last month that was drawn up by his friend Steve Way. Another of Tony’s friends, Geoffrey Notkin, has written a touching tribute over at the Tucson Citizen.

After its offices were firebombed following the publication of a front-cover cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammad, French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has reprinted the offending image in a supplement distributed with a leading newspaper. Reuters has more here.

In the US, cartoonist Mort Walker – creator of the long-running newspaper comic strip Beetle Bailey – is to receive a military award.

Having brought the Smurfs to cinemas earlier this year, Sony Pictures is mining comic strips once more, with a 3D animated Popeye movie. With any luck the character design will stay true to the established version of the cartoon sailor, and won’t strive too hard for realism.

Bloghorn is made on behalf of the UK Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation


by Royston

101 reasons to visit Cartoon Museum

November 1, 2011 in Events

101 Cartoonists poster

An exhibition called One Hundred and One Cartoonists is at the Cartoon Museum in London from Thursday 3 November.

It features cartoons, comics and caricatures from the collection of Luke Gertler, who has been collecting original cartoon artwork for more than 50 years.

On display will be works by H.M. Bateman, Max Beerbohm, Giles, David Low, Donald McGill, Thomas Rowlandson, Ronald Searle, John Tenniel and Dudley D. Watkins, among many others.

Asked what drew him to the cartoons he chose for his collection of more than 800 images, Luke Gertler told the Cartoon Museum newsletter:

“With cartoons, it’s the picture I would buy, rather than the joke. I liked ones with people, with characters, and the style was very important to me. I preferred rather bold colour styles, firm outlines like in John Hassall, for instance. I liked also the cartoonists who drew in wonderful detail, like Thelwell and Heath Robinson.”

One Hundred and One Cartoonists runs until January 29. For more details, visit the Cartoon Museum website.