Hold that pose!

Bloghorn would like to highlight a brief piece by journalist Tom Davenport featuring the work of comic artist Kevin Bolk. It inverts a set of superhero comic cliches very effectively. You can read it here. If you have a view, do comment below.

Young Cartoonist of 2011

The winner in the under-30s category in the Young Cartoonist of the Year contest, organised by the British Cartoonists’ Association, is Joe Mounsey, 25. The BCA chairman Martin Rowson, also a PCO member, told the Bloghorn that Joe so little expected to win that he arranged to go to Berlin for work on the night […]

Nelson launches with artwork exhibitions

An exhibition featuring artwork from the new graphic novel Nelson has opened upstairs at the Cartoon Museum in London, and runs until February. Nelson is a a collective graphic novel, a 250-page collaboration between 54 British comic creators. The work of 15 of those artists can be seen at the museum, and more is on […]

Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

The prolific cartoonist David Langdon, whose long career included work for The New Yorker, Punch and The Spectator,  has died at the age of 97. Among his achievements, Langdon claimed to have originated the ‘open mouth’ expression now used by almost every gag cartoonist to clarify who is speaking in their compositions. See The Guardian […]

Young Cartoonist of 2011

Results are coming in from our sister organisation, the British Cartoonists’ Association, and congratulations are due to 13-year-old Jasper Ashton-Nelson, winner in the under-18s category. We publish below his winning entry, with thanks to BCA chairman and PCO member Martin Rowson. You may read about Jasper’s win in this report from the Newcastle Journal. © Jasper […]

Heath on Heath

Michael Heath, cartoon editor at The Spectator is interviewed over at the magazine’s arts blog. Bloghorn doffs its cap to Mr Heath, who has been commenting on the way we live, in his merciless cartooning style, since 1954. But we can’t quite agree with his pessimistic view of the cartooning profession. The talent is certainly […]

Occupied cartoonists

Cartoonists are visual journalists. Please discuss, with reference to Portraits of the Occupation, US investigative cartoonist Sharon Rosenzweig and this fine round up of art from the ongoing global protests at Cartoon Movement. Drawing ©Sharon Rosenzweig The Bloghorn is made on behalf of the UK Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation  

The cartoonist as writer

Every cartoonist is also a writer — you have to be able to write the joke before you can draw it. But some take it further than creating gag cartoon captions, or dialogue for strips, and end up writing novels. PCO cartoonist Clive Goddard is one. He has a book out for children (“It says […]

Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

Publisher Jonathan Cape is celebrating five years of its Graphic Short Story Prize by releasing an e-book compilation of the winners and some of the best also-rans. Forbidden Planet has a sneak peak, and plenty of related links, here. After the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were firebombed over the publication of a […]