Happy New Year from the UK Procartoonists

Good fortune to all our readers on behalf of the members of the UK Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation. And in an attempt to keep up with the arrival of the new year we will be back to normal publishing this week.

Order and disorder, disorder

John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, bought a cartoon that appeared in The Sun for for his Christmas card this year. It was drawn by Andy Davey, chairman of the PCO, which runs the Bloghorn, and satirises the appearance on Celebrity Big Brother by the Speaker’s wife, Sally. Unsurprisingly for a high-profile political […]

Plagiarism row goes on

The row over alleged plagiarism by the American cartoonist Jeff Stahler rumbles on, with many commentators looking at what the case says about the state of US editorial cartooning, and wondering about long-term implications. Stahler, who was suspended by his employer, the Columbus Dispatch, has since resigned. Most prominent among the commentators is the cartoonist […]

Gin and opinions

Cartoonists have long adopted the technique of writing about the future or the past as a good way of talking about the present day. But PCO member Adrian Teal is adapting this artifice with a crowd-funded project on the history of 18th century Britain, which he explains in a short video pitch.  Adrian is working with the Unbound […]

The young guns

If the average age of cartoonists is generally at the high end of the scale, as mentioned by Private Eye in its 50th celebrations, there a couple of young guns currently working to change that. Ben Jennings, 21, and PCO member Rob Murray, 30, have been chosen to draw cartoons for the i newspaper in […]

Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

The biggest cartooning story of the week unfolded in the US, where Columbus Dispatch cartoonist Jeff Stahler has been accused of plagiarism and suspended from the paper. The Daily Cartoonist has details here, and Bloghorn will be looking at the story – and possible ramifications – in more detail in a dedicated post next week. […]

Private Eye gets services to cartooning award

Private Eye was presented with the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation Award for Services to Cartooning last night. A small delegation from the PCO descended on the Eye’s Soho offices to present the award to Nick Newman, cartoonist and writer at the magazine, above, on behalf of the Editor, Ian Hislop. Accepting the award, Nick said that […]

Blake lets them eat cake

A selling exhibition of Quentin Blake drawings, called Chocolate Fudge Banana Cake and Other Delicacies, opens at the Chris Beetles Gallery in St James’s, London, on Sunday (December 11). Blake will be at the gallery on the opening day and there will be music from the Jelly Rollers and, the organisers promise, a “sweet mountain”. […]