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Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

December 2, 2011 in Links

Bloghorn is sad to report that caricaturist and political cartoonist Richard Willson has died. Willson enjoyed a long career that included a 31-year stint at The Times, and the paper has paid tribute to him here (payment required). His passing has also been noted in touching obituaries by two of his other regular clients, The Ecologist and The Tablet.

Ronald Searle has been interviewed on his favourite books by The Daily Mail (thanks to the Searle tribute blog Perpetua for drawing this to our attention).

A copy of the first issue of Action Comics — which famously features the debut appearance of Superman — has been sold for more than $2 million.

Staying on a superhero theme, artist Kerry Callen has had some fun animating iconic American comic-book covers. Check out the results at Callen’s blog.

Finally, an animated short by Walt Disney that pre-dates Mickey Mouse has been found in a British archive, and will be auctioned off this month. Reuters has more here.

Cartoon Awards 2011

December 1, 2011 in Events, News

New in from our friends at The UK Cartoon Museum are the results of their annual cartoon awards.

  • Strip Cartoon Award to Charles Peattie and Mark Warren for Celeb – a  long running feature of Private Eye magazine
  • Pocket Award to Neil Bennett – of The Times
  • Joke Award to Neil Kerber – of The Daily Mirror’s Can’t kick, won’t Kick
  • Caricature to Martin Rowson – of The Daily Mirror and The Guardian
  • Political Award to Dave Brown – of The Independent
  • Pont Award To Martin Honeysett – of Private Eye
  • Heneage Cup Life Achievement Award to Ed McLachlan

Bloghorn offers congratulations to one and all. 

Occupied with cartoons

December 1, 2011 in Comment

Following a recent post Bloghorn sees a UK Occupy protest cartooning site has been launched.

Occupy London Cartoon_1

It features a traditional gallery accepting contributions and also an cartoon-creation tool.

Dave Miller, the organiser, told Bloghorn:

At the the Occupy LSX site at St Paul’s, London, there are many drawings and paintings sellotaped to the walls; the area has become a public art gallery. Works full of slogans and messages, full of passion.

He plans to add new submissions from the site to the print collection at the St Paul’s camp.

The cartoon-creation tool at the web site makes it possible to script your own commentary for a library of image pieces.

He told us:

My aim is not to automate the creation of political cartoons, just to make the process easier. This tool allows you to choose a combination of background and characters, but a political cartoon is much more than that, and communicating something meaningful that touches nerves is always the challenge.

Occupy London cartoon

All contributors work will be properly accredited on the site and instructions for use can be found at The example above is from PCOer Martin Rowson.