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by Jonesy

Syrian Cartoonist Akram Raslan Reported Dead by Damascus News Agency

September 22, 2015 in General


Tragically, it appears yet another cartoonist has died at the hands of an oppressive and brutal regime. News reports filtering out of Syria sound grim. More on this awful story can be found on the CRNI website.

by Jonesy

‘Don’t Let It Fool You’ – Noel Ford Exhibition

September 20, 2015 in General


Anyone in the vicinity of Nuneaton between 3rd October and 29th November might care to drop in to an exhibition of the venerable Noel Ford’s cartoons at the Warwickshire town’s Art Gallery & Museum.

The cartoons, though only a dozen or so in number, represent a wide span of the PCO member’s cartooning career, ranging from the early days (single gags published in the Sun), through some from his editorial political/social comment work in the Daily Star and up to one of Noel’s magnificent Punch covers, the cartoon that gave the exhibition its name and can be seen above.

Each cartoon is annotated, giving some background information. (Noel claims he can remember all the cartoons, even though he can’t remember what he had for breakfast this morning!)

All cannot be revealed…

Noel shall be attending on 2nd October to open the exhibition at the private view and unveil a cartoon commissioned by the Museum to commemorate their centenary in 2017.


This cartoon (a small detail of which can be seen above) will then be on display as part of the exhibition until November 29th, after which it will remain as part of the permanent collection.

‘Don’t Let It Fool You’ at the Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery, Warwickshire, runs from 3rd October until 29th November 2015.


by Jonesy

The New Tools of The Trade?

September 18, 2015 in General


Is this the future of cartooning and animation?

Glen Keane, a leading Disney animator for four decades, has spent his career embracing new tools, from digital environments to 3D animation to today’s virtual reality, which finally enables him to step into his drawings and wander freely through his imagination. At Future of Story Telling, Glen shows how to tap into your own creativity, connecting to emotion and character more directly than ever before.

Thanks to Noel Ford for finding this piece.

by Jonesy

“I painted The Last Supper on my bedroom wall”

September 18, 2015 in General

A couple of quick chats with the incomparable Ralph Steadman.

The immensely talented, multi-garlanded artist (and PCO member) discusses his DIY exploits with The Guardian and – slightly less frivolously – his career in this Ten Minute Interview.

by Jonesy

Cartoonists – The Foot Soldiers of Democracy

September 18, 2015 in General


Twelve political cartoonists from around the world discuss a job that requires humour, perseverence and, in many countries, courage in the face of censorship (or worse).

The screening of Stephanie Valloatto’s film “Cartoonists – The Foot Soldiers of Democracy” will be followed by a panel discussion. At the time of writing, three panellists have been confirmed: Dr. Tim Benson, leading political cartoonologist; Agnieszka Kolek, awarded the title of Polish Woman of the Year 2013 in the UK for co-organising and curating Passion for Freedom London Festival. Agnieszka survived the Copenhagen terrorist attack earlier this year; Rachel Alcock from Amnesty International.

This event will take place at The Mall Galleries, London, on 24th September from 7 – 10pm.

More details can be found on the Eventbrite site.

by Jonesy

The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival 2015

September 16, 2015 in General


A celebration of great comic art from around the world.

The great and the good will be gathering in Kendal next month for a cartooning jamboree. Over forty exponents of the comic arts will be drawing live, giving lectures, offering guidance and selling their wares. Among them will be PCO members Noel Ford, Des Buckley and Tim Harries (albeit sailing under CGGB colours). Tim (pictured below) will be easy to spot: he’ll be carrying a ukulele and copies of his new book, “Random Acts of Humour”. The Blog understands only the latter is available for purchase.


Another esteemed PCO member, Steve Bell, scathing satirist of the political classes, will be making a couple of appearances: one solo, the other drawing live in tandem with fellow Guardian cartoonist Steven Appleby. Surely one of the festival’s must see events.


The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival, Friday 16th – Sunday 18th October 2015. More details can be found here.


by Jonesy


September 11, 2015 in General


Yes, It’s That Man Anderson, the PCO’s wizard of the airwaves…

As mentioned in an earlier Blog, Terry Anderson has been working on a new series of podcasts and in this one he talks with cartoonist Gill Hatcher.

Gill is the founder of Team Girl Comic, a long-running series of small press anthology comics for female creators based in Scotland. Gill also won widespread acclaim and British Comic Award and Scottish Independent Comic Book Award nominations for her solo project The Beginner’s Guide to Being Outside.

*Ask your Dad. Or your Granddad. But only if you really want to…

by Jonesy

Dundee’s Comic Book Legacy

September 11, 2015 in General


The Beano. Dandy. Dennis the Menace. Desperate Dan. The Bash Street Kids.

All of the above and more will be up for discussion at Dundee University on 16th September when four speakers will highlight the importance of comics to Dundee’s heritage and identity.

‘Comics & The City’ takes place at Baxter Room 1.36, Tower Building, Dundee University on 16th September at 5.30pm. Admission is free.

Talking of legacy, it’s only right to mention that the PCO’s very own Steve Bright – aka Brighty – began his illustrious career at the Dundee comic book powerhouse, DC Thomson. (That okay, Steve?)

Thanks to Matthew Buck for the lead on this one. More information can be found here.


by Jonesy

The Cup That Cheers…

September 11, 2015 in General


Fear not, cartoonists, comfort is only a boiled kettle away!

Times may be tough but all your problems can be resolved more easily than you imagined. All you need is a little caffeine induced inspiration…

Again, thanks to Alex Hughes for unearthing this Indian jewel.


by Jonesy

Comic Art Imitating Life?

September 11, 2015 in General


Marvel comic book villains seem to be taking their lead from the British Prime Minister!

In Al Ewing’s second volume of ‘Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders’, a guard takes the words right out of David Cameron’s mouth when he informs his prisoners their rights are being revoked. The comic book character quotes the PM’s address to the National Security Council, made shortly after the last General Election.

Oscar Wilde said life imitates art far more than art imitates life. Not in this instance, it appears…

Thanks to Alex Hughes for finding this quirky tale.