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by Jonesy

Posy Simmonds meets Florence Cestac

March 31, 2016 in General


The British and French graphic novelists will reflect upon their careers in comics from the 1970s to the present day in an event that will be held at 2 Granary Wharf, London on 12th April.


An award-winning cartoonist and pioneering publisher of bandes dessinées, Florence Cestac is the only woman to win the Angoulême Festival’s Grand Prix in over forty years. A past Grand Prix nominee herself, Posy Simmonds is much loved for her Guardian strips, notably Gemma Bovery and Tamara Drewe, both adapted into films.


You can find out more about this event on the House of Illustration website.


by Jonesy

Riad Sattouf declares “I’m not French, not Syrian…I’m a cartoonist”

March 31, 2016 in General


The bestselling graphic novelist endured a traumatic childhood in Libya, Syria and France. Then he lost 12 of his colleagues in the Charlie Hebdo slaughter. Now he’s telling his life story frame by frame…

As you’d expect, his nomadic and sometimes painful experiences have shaped the man he is today, informing his notion of what makes a cartoonist: “When you’re an outsider, you observe other people more. I still do this. I’m a watcher. Cartoonists are by definition outsiders: they’re outside literature, art, the establishment.”


Riad Sattouf’s interview with The Guardian’s Rachel Cooke can be read here.

Thanks to Glenn Marshall.

by Jonesy

Six drawing lessons artist Matt Jones learned from Ronald Searle

March 25, 2016 in General


Some fascinating insights into the working methods of the master, Ronald Searle, from a man who spent a decade studying and collecting the great man’s art.

Matt Jones, who has developed a reputation of his own as a story artist working in animation, says Searle is often described as “one of the greatest graphic satirists of the twentieth century”. Very few would argue with that description.


Take the time to click the link to this article on the Cartoon Brew website where Matt Jones’ astute observations are accompanied by a fascinating 1958 short film showing Searle at work. (Note in particular the upside down nib technique!)

Matt Jones’ ‘Ronald Searle’s America’ is available for purchase here.

Thanks to Glenn Marshall.

by Jonesy

What European cartoonists think about the possibility of Britain leaving the EU

March 21, 2016 in General


The image above is by Lebanese-Swiss cartoonist Chappatte for the International New York Times

Observer cartoonist and children’s laureate Chris Riddell casts his experienced eye over the best the continent has to offer in this roundup of their humorous views on our upcoming referendum and its possible repercussions.

Ten cartoons, including one by Chris Riddell himself, can be viewed here on The Guardian website.

Thanks to Glenn Marshall.

by Jonesy

“Comic Invention” Exhibition opens in Glasgow

March 20, 2016 in General


A new exhibition at the Hunterian Gallery, University of Glasgow traces the history of the medium and its ties to the city, from 1825’s Glasgow Looking Glass to modern master Frank Quietly.
There are a number of ancillary events all the way up to the Glasgow ComicCon and Festival in the summer.

More information can be found here.

Thanks to Terry Anderson

by Jonesy

PCO Profile: William Rudling

March 17, 2016 in General


William L M Rudling is a caricaturist, cartoonist, illustrator and designer. He studied at Manchester College of Art and since graduating has exhibited at many galleries, both here and abroad.

His publishing credits include UNICEF, Downbeat Jazz Magazine, USA Start to Play books for children, the Youth Sports Trust and Ravensburger Jigsaws.


For the last twenty years William has been responsible for the design of panto posters and other publicity material for York Theatre Royal and projects for the English Sports Council and its Welsh counterpart.


As if all that wasn’t enough, he was one of four finalists in the BBC programme, Material World, ‘So You Want To Be A Scientist?’ 2012 challenge on Radio Four.


To see more of William’s work visit his PCO portfolio page here.

by Jonesy

The Political Cartoon Gallery and The Daily Telegraph are lining up a celebration

March 8, 2016 in General


The Political Cartoon Gallery’s next exhibition, ‘On the Right lines: celebrating 50 years of cartoons in the Daily Telegraph’ is to be opened by the world-renowned historian and former Daily Telegraph editor, Sir Max Hastings. The exhibition covers the political scene of the last fifty years since Nick Garland’s first cartoon appeared in March 1966 in the Daily Telegraph.


The exhibition will be open to the public from Thursday 17 March until Saturday 4 June. It will include original cartoon artwork by all those cartoonists who have worked or still work for the Daily Telegraph, such as Nick Garland, Richard Cole, Mathew Pritchett ‘Matt’, John Jenson (Sunday Telegraph) Patrick Blower, Bob Moran and Christian Adams.


‘On the Right lines: celebrating 50 years of cartoons in the Daily Telegraph’ opens on Thursday 17 March and runs until Saturday 4 June at The Political Gallery, 16 Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London SW15 1JP

Find out more about The Political Gallery by visiting the website here.

by Jonesy

Not to be missed: William Heath Robinson and Paul Thomas exhibitions at the Chris Beetles Gallery

March 8, 2016 in General


The Inventive Art of William Heath Robinson

William Heath Robinson (1872-1944) is a household name, renowned for his superbly crafted cartoons and illustrations depicting ingenious and ridiculously over-complicated machines and  inventions. His painstakingly detailed work is a joy to behold and will be on show in ‘The Inventive Art of William Heath Robinson’ from 16th March to 9th April.


An Unreliable History of Tattoos – Paul Thomas

Opening tomorrow (9th) and running until 19th March are the vivid imaginings of political cartoonist Paul Thomas in ‘An Unreliable History of Tattoos’.

To find out more about these exhibitions visit the Chris Beetles gallery website here.

by Jonesy

A cartoon celebration of International Women’s Day

March 7, 2016 in General


Image above from comic strip by Seo Kim

In recognition of this calendar event Zainab Akhtar has selected ten cartoonists (including British artist Tula Lotay) to highlight the quality and variety of work being produced by women today.

In the words of the author this celebratory feature focuses on “the work of 10 artists and cartoonists who you may not necessarily have heard of, but are producing an exciting and diverse – in both style and content – range of work of the highest quality.”


Image above by Tula Lotay

To see their work and learn more about the ten artists visit the A.V. Club website.

by Jonesy

Eldon Dedini: A Life of Cartoons

March 2, 2016 in General


Eldon Dedini traversed the American cartooning spectrum from Disney to Playboy and all points in between (most notably the New Yorker).

This 2006 documentary details that journey as family, friends, colleagues and the man himself talk about his life and work.


As you’d expect, Dedini’s Playboy work centred around adult themes so this film is probably not one for the priggish. Often lurid and ribald, and occasionally reflecting the sexist attitudes of the times in which they were drawn, the Playboy cartoons are, however, without doubt, the work of a man who is the master of his medium: beautifully rendered full page, full colour artworks that are invariably funny. And Dedini’s New Yorker cartoons, his craftsmanship undiminished by the smaller sizes or lack of colour, show him to be one of America’s great cartoonists.

This forty four minute film can be viewed at the Top Documentary Films site.