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Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival countdown

March 30, 2008 in General

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Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival 18th-20th April 2008. The cartoon is courtesy of Dave Brown, who has a one-man show at the event. If you can’t see anything very helpful immediately above this text – click here and download a free Flash player for your PC. If it’s still not working for you, try using an internet browser that isn’t Microsoft Explorer 🙂 This link is handy for a different, and often better, choice
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Shrewsbury international cartoon festival – and other events

March 10, 2008 in General

“But is it Art?” by PCOer Nathan Ariss – another contribution to Bloghorn’s sneak preview of a major exhibition which opens in less than a month’s time and is part of this year’s Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival.
In other news, PCOer Clive Collins, a previous cartoonist of the month here, alerts us to a one-off event at the Barbican centre in central London where former Punch cartoonist and Oscar winner Bruce Petty is showing his film called Global Haywire. Clive describes Australian Bruce’s work as in the “zany, big explosive cartoons vein”. Sounds good to us. You can find out more about Petty’s film here.

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Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival

February 26, 2008 in General

Submitted work for the ‘But is it art?’ exhibition at this year’s Shrewsbury Festival. Caricature of former PM Anthony (Tony) Blair by PCOer Adrian Teal.
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Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival

February 18, 2008 in General

More from our sneak preview of the “But is it Art?” exhibition which will be one of the highlights at this spring’s Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival. PCOer Steve Bright made this piece. Click on the Shrewsbury link under this text for more…

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Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival

February 12, 2008 in General

A sneak preview of more ‘Art’ from the upcoming Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival. This piece is by PCOer Wilbur Dawbarn.
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PCO Procartoonists – Foghorn cartoon magazine

January 21, 2008 in General

Foghorn, the full colour magazine of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation is in production right now and is due to land on the desks of some lucky art buyers soon. This all new exciting flood-proof issue will include articles from PCOers Martin Honeysett, Martin Rowson, Roger Penwill and Pete Dredge alongside the usual top jokes and regular features. This edition’s cover cartoon is by Mr Ross Thomson – click T for Thomson.
21st January 2008
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PCO Procartoonists on the vacant Trafalgar Square plinth

January 8, 2008 in General

Bloghorn defies anyone to argue convincingly that the entries for the ‘art’ slot in Trafalgar Square from both Tracey Emin and Yinka Shonibare aren’t really cartoons on a grand scale. This link to the shortlisted lineup comes courtesy of The Guardian newspaper.
8th January 2007
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PCO Procartoonists – on photomontage

October 31, 2007 in General

There’s a thoughtful piece on the art of photoshop and photomontage here. It’s written by Morten Morland who draws for the Times, and it’s worth a read.

Speaking about photomontage, or photoshop, artists, Morland says;

Traditional cartoonists look at their work with a mix of fascination, trepidation and bewilderment. What many don’t know, however, is that famous ink-cartoonists like Low and Vicky also had contemporary satirists who used manipulated photographs to lampoon the political players at the time.

Well, do we?

Bloghorn thinks that Morten is right about there being some ignorance about photomontage as a form of image-making. A lot of this may be tied up with the technology brand name, Photoshop, which can raise the hackles of many cartoonists as it implies a mechanical technique, rather than the more natural human process of drawing.

There are many links to great examples of photomontage, both past and present. Great names of the past would include Helmut Herzfelde aka John Heartfield, who arguably, invented the form in the inter-war years. Good present British exponents would include Beau Bo D’Or, Leon Kuhn and The Spine.

We cartoonists cannot stop change in art and developments in the tools with which it is made, and published. But, perhaps we could explore and think about the past and future of making images-with-a-point, a bit more too. It might help put the economic changes, of which photoshop is a part, and which are challenging the ways in which we have made a living, into a brighter perspective.
31st October 2007
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Graham Fowell book launch

October 19, 2007 in General

PCO member Graham Fowell writes with news of a book launch;

Vince Eager, the 1950’s Rock and Roller, launched ‘The Rock ‘n Roll Files’ on October 12th. Graham made the cartoons and caricatures for the book and accompanied Vince at a signing at ‘Buy The Book’ in Nottingham, this, in between caricaturing every buyer, on the inside front cover of every sold copy.
The book is a anecdotal collection of memories from Vince’s long career in music, which spans six decades. Graham says there was no shortage of material for cartoon illustration with tales about Billy Fury, Lonnie Donegan, Freddie Starr and the unlikely beat combo of Bob Mugabe and the Wailers.

Bob Mugabe and the Wailers by Graham Fowell

The book is published by VIPRO and is also available direct from Vince Eager’s website. Bloghorn says click F for Fowell.
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PCO Procartoonists – Art or wot?

October 9, 2007 in General

The graphic novel wave has reached the shores of the Daily Telegraph. Here is an excellent interview with the great Alan Moore.

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