New Foghorn cartoon magazine published

Chichi Parish finds out what happens when burlesque meets art school at Dr Sketchy’s. Chris Madden gets scientific for Valentine’s with “Love is a drug.’’ Clive Collins goes a bit historical with “Don’t mention the War.” Do you know how to spot a “David Low’’ forgery? If not, subscribe to this magazine. Pete Dredge takes […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week… One: Stephen Hutchinson (aka Bernie) in Private Eye on child protection officers Two: Gerald Scarfe in the Sunday Times on India Three: A spot of blowing our own Foghorn … Noel Ford on the cover of the new Christmas issue of the PCO’s cartoon magazine. (Below – click […]

New FOGHORN cartoon magazine published

You can subscribe to our six-editions a year organ by clicking the big blue button to your right hand side.14th October 2008The PCO: Great British cartoon talent From the PCO (Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation)

Memories of Punch magazine

PCO cartoonist Pete Dredge writes: What saddens me most about the demise of Punch, apart from the purely selfish loss of what was once a regular market for me, is that thousands of jokes which would have graced its pages on a weekly basis have never had the chance to be made by the amazingly […]

New Foghorn cartoon magazine

A shiny new issue of the Foghorn cartoon magazine is hitting the streets imminently – and a subscription to the bi-monthly feast of drawing and jokes (no, really, we got advised we should say this sort of thing) is available via the PCO big blue Foghorn button you can see immediately to the right hand-side […]