Artist of the Month – John Roberts

Bloghorn asked Artist of the Month, John Roberts, if he had any tips for wannabe cartoonists? Hmmm, well, thank goodness for the digital age because it enables me to get most of my work through my website. I think you must have a good website these days so that you can generate good commercial work. […]

Artist of the Month – John Roberts

John Roberts is our Artist of the Month for July so we asked him which other cartoonist’s work he admired. The cartoonist whose work I most admire has to be Holte (Trevor Holder) who I understand is now fully retired. (Why does a cartoonist retire….?) His line and colour work was amazing and I think […]

Artist of the Month – John Roberts

Bloghorn asked the our Artist of the Month for July, John Roberts, how he makes his cartoons. Like everyone else, I have this huge old trunk of ‘cartoon ideas’ in the loft and once I’ve had a good rummage through I’ll sit down and draw them up. Until recently I would use a computer but […]

Artist of the Month – John Roberts

Bloghorn’s Artist of the Month for July is John Roberts. John specialises in caricature, gag cartoons, humorous illustration and has been a highly successful on-the-spot caricaturist for the last ten years. He is also one of the founders and organisers of the annual Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival.We asked John how he had become a cartoonist. […]

An evening with cartoonist Gerald Scarfe

PCOers John Roberts and Steve Bright attended a recent illustrated talk given by the caricaturist at Shrewsbury. John reports for Bloghorn: What struck me almost immediately about him is how charming and mild mannered this notoriously vicious caricaturist is . He admitted during his talk that he uses drawing as a therapy. He says he […]

Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival – The Big Boarders

Kipper Williams of The Guardian is one of this year’s PCO Big Boarders at the festival. Above is one of Kipper’s submissions to the “But is it Art?” exhibition, which is already open in the town. The full list of cartoonist Big Boarders drawing at this year’s festival, over the weekend of Friday 18th and […]

PCO Procartoonists – Where creativity comes from – part 1

PCOer John Roberts writes; I was telephoned before Christmas by a very enthusiastic young lady telling me that she worked for a television production company. She told me she thought a caricaturist was something that they were looking for.A caricature of Nicole Kidman by PCO member John Roberts Her company had been commissioned to set […]