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by Royston

Rowson works go under the hammer

June 10, 2010 in General, News

Martin Rowson Creations in Bad Faith
Bloghorn attended a charity auction at the Martin Rowson exhibition Creations in Bad Faith on Tuesday (June 8).

The exhibition features artwork from New Humanist magazine, which is published by the Rationalist Association.

Many items were sold for quite impressive sums, with the artwork for Rowson’s meeting of Richard Dawkins and God, above, and for his “God Trumps” series – Top Trumps-style cards on world religions – being particularly fought over. Radio presenter and New Humanist writer Laurie Taylor was auctioneer.

The show runs at the Menier Gallery in Southwark, London, until Saturday (June 12) and many items are still for sale. Admission is free. More details here.

And, don’t miss … You have until June 18 to see the show Alex in Love at the Last Tuesday Society in Hackney. Your correspondent saw this last week and it is very much recommended.

If you’re not a regular Alex reader– perhaps you have no interest in City matters – fear not because the strips, as the title suggests, are all about love, sex and relationships. And they are very funny.

The exhibition is free, but if you pay £1 you can also get access to the Last Tuesday Society‘s “museum of curiosity”, a chance to see shrunken heads, some creepy taxidermy and all manner of bizarre artworks. Not for the faint of heart.

by Royston

Big summer for cartoon shows

May 31, 2010 in General, News

Rude Britannia
“A stick of rock, cock?” – the classic saucy postcard by Donald McGill, from Tate Britain’s Rude Britannia exhibition

June looks like being a great month for cartoon shows, with three new exhibitions opening in London.

The big one is Rude Britannia which sees cartoons being let loose in a gallery for “proper art”, namely Tate Britain. It opens on June 9 and runs until September 5.

The exhibition explores British comic art from the 1600s to the present day and puts cartoons alongside a wide array of rude paintings, sculptures, film and photography. Ooer missus, there’s more here.

Then there’s Creations in Bad Faith, a selection of cartoons from New Humanist magazine by PCOer Martin Rowson which is at the Menier Gallery in Southwark from 8-12 June. More details here.

Opening on June 18 is Ray Lowry: London Calling, at the Idea Generation gallery in Shoreditch, which pays tribute to the cartoonist who died last October. Lowry drew for Punch, Private Eye and the NME, and was known as the rock ‘n’ roll cartoonist.

He created the iconic artwork for the Clash album London Calling, and alongside a look at his back catalogue the exhibition will feature contributions from 30 artists paying tribute to that. More details here.

Bloghorn will have more on these shows as they happen. In the meantime, Martin Rowson can be seen talking cartoons with Laurie Taylor on In Confidence tomorrow (June 1) at 10pm on the Sky Arts channel.

UPDATE: Here’s a summer cartoon show we missed: Alex in Love

Let us have faith in cartoons …

November 24, 2008 in General

PCOer Martin Rowson writes…

One way and another I’ve had quite an exciting week. At the Cartoon Awards on Wednesday I got slapped, quite hard, by the celebrated lawyer and serially rebellious Labour MP Bob Marshall-Andrews, who seems not to have liked an interview I did with him for The Spectator this August. Surprisingly enough, I’ve never been hit by a politician before, although Peter Brookes used to whack me every time we met. On the basis that all cartoonists, if they’re giving it out, should be able to take it as well, I took this particular assault on the chin (actually, more the whole left side of my head) and decided honour was satisfied. Subsequently Bob has offered to buy me lunch, so maybe it isn’t over yet.

The other exciting thing is the extraordinary viral life of a feature I illustrated for New Humanist, devised by the comedian Christina Martin. It’s called “God Trumps” and is a series of playing cards depicting representatives of 12 of the World’s leading religions, with marks out of ten in six categories whereby they might trump the other religions (Muslims trump everyone, needless to say, because of the impossibility of making jokes about them). As of Thursday evening, it had, apparently, had over 55,000 hits (as compared to just the one I got from Marshall-Andrews), and the atheistical boys and girls at New Humanist are so excited that, at their non-Christmas party on Thursday night, there was a lot of talk of T-shirts and tea towels and another 12 cards to mop up the religions we left out, like Russian Orthodox and Mormons. With luck this one could run even longer than my feud with the member for Medway! Yippee!

UPDATED: Tuesday 25th November. More news on readership from the New Humanist magazine blog

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