Young Cartoonist of the Year 2013

  We are particularly pleased to say that one of our members has won the annual award although none of our membership were too surprised. Hearty congratulations go to Will McPhail who secured the under 30 years prize from our friends at the British Cartoonists’ Association and The Cartoon Museum. Harry McSweeney carried off the […]

Opinion: The postcard’s future

Rupert Besley delivers part two of his article on the humble cartoon postcard. You can read part one here Postcards and cartoons are the perfect marriage, the dream team, two forms of relative ephemera, each made for the other. Both are finding life tough at present, as old-style print gets edged out by new electronic media, and […]

Opinion: The postcard is not dead

Procartoonists member Rupert Besley takes a look at a much-loved old form for cartooning: the postcard In 1899 a Norwegian cruise ship doing the coastline despatched 20,000 postcards in the course of one trip*. The unfortunate crewman charged with postmarking each stamp suffered blisters to the hand. In 1903 the British alone sent 600 million postcards […]

Mrs Thatcher and the cartoonists

Powerful people in politics with wealth and helpers mix myth and reality to help deliver a projection of their achievements to the public. Parts of the same formula also drive the work of many cartoonists. Both sorts of visual trickery are now at work in the national catharsis following the death of the former Prime […]

Isn’t it funny what’s not funny?

Here’s a very funny cartoon. But why is it funny? Well, E.B. White famously said that “analysing comedy is like dissecting a frog; no one laughs and the frog dies”. So let’s not go there. Instead, our eye was drawn to a blog post by the cartoonist Christian Adams, in which he simply provides a […]

Mad about Bateman

H.M. Bateman: The Man Who Went Mad on Paper opens at the Cartoon Museum in London next Wednesday (April 11). The exhibition covers all aspects of Bateman’s career, from his early theatrical subjects to his famous The Man Who cartoons. It also includes examples of wordless strips, sketchbooks and other private works that are exhibited here for the first […]

Cartoonist ambassador

Andy Davey, the Sun cartoonist and member, tells us about his recent experience as an ambassador for British cartoons:  I was recently interviewed by Olena Gnes, a foreign news correspondent at the Ukrainian station Inter TV. She was interested in presenting a piece on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and was looking for an interesting […]

Magic! Shrewsbury 2012 Cartoon Festival

The ‘Flights of Fancy’ exhibition for Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival 2012 opens to the public in the town next week. Enjoy a sneak preview of a few more submissions to the show from our members. Submission from Noel Ford to the festival exhibition for Shrewsbury Cartoon 2012. The main festival weekend is 19-22nd April. You can see […]