Pick a president, any president

The four yearly festival of politics delivered by the American presidential election is in full swing and this time it is also bringing innovation from the US cartoonist Ann Telnaes. Ann has made a purpose-built app for the duration of the campaign called Potuspick.com. For the record, Potus is the the abbreviation for President of the […]

Cartooning the US election if you are a British cartoonist

PCOer Martin Rowson writes: Basically, it’s a bugger, and quite often you have you make a virtue of necessity by saying you don’t know (the result). So in 2000 I did a cartoon for The Scotsman, drawn on the day of the election, to be published on the Wednesday, saying that Ralph Nader had won. […]

Cartooning the US Presidential Election

We’ve seen how they covered the recent Democratic and Republican Conventions, but as the USA goes to the polls today, how do cartoonists cover an election? Probably the most controversial approach is that being taken by Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury (seen here in the Guardian) – to draw the artwork for Wednesday’s strip in advance […]

A cartoonist's farewell to Dubya

Whoever wins the US election, he is probably unlikely to be as much of a gift to cartoonists as the guy who is currently putting his feet up in the Oval Office. US editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich tells us “What I’ll Miss About George W.” The PCO: Great British cartoon talent From the PCO (Professional […]

Cartoonists and the party political convention – Part 2: The Republicans

With Hurricane Gustav battering the Gulf Coast many of the cartoonists covering the DNC last week crossed the country to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis Saint Paul, including Rob Rogers (who had to cut short his visit to the convention due to his father’s death), Walt Handelsman and al.com’s JD Crowe. Other cartoonists covering […]

Cartoonists and the party political convention

Party political conference season is nearly upon us here in Britain, but in the US the Democratic Party have already finished their turn. The cartoonists were out in force both drawing and blogging in Denver, Colorado. Cartoon blogs from the convention include Rob Rogers from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (convention blog), convention first-timer Walt Handelsman from […]

Cartoons in the Arts section

After a weekend exploring the subject of “Art” at the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival, it was good to see The Guardian dedicating several pages of its G2 Arts section to cartoons yesterday.Hillary Clinton by Barry Blitt, from The Guardian The paper carried an article looking at the work of cartoonists attempting to get to grips with […]