The spirit of Christmas

PCOer Clive Collins writes: Some years ago I received a letter from the USA, from a lad of 14, who loved cartoons. He said he admired my cartoons (sic) and that he would dearly love to be a cartoonist, but that seemed an impossible dream, so might I oblige him with a small drawing, or […]

The cartoonists at Christmas

PCOer Chris Madden writes: The exact origins of Father Christmas (as opposed to Santa Claus) are lost in time: he was probably a pagan personification of midwinter, who put in an appearance around the solstice on December 21st. Indeed, he may well have been one and the same person as the old bearded man with […]

Bloghorn's Christmas Pick of the Week

The festive season is upon us, so this week Bloghorn has a bulging sack full of Christmas themed cartoons… One: Simon Bond in Private Eye: ‘City Christmas Tree 2008’ Two: From Tony Holland in the Spectator, the credit crunch hits the Twelve Days of Christmas Three: Christmas tree dressing at Number 10 for Peter Brookes […]

Artist of the Month: Denis Dowland

PCO Artist of the Month Denis Dowland, tells Bloghorn about some of his cartoon influences: “A good gag’s a good gag so I am not so particular about graphic styles. I think the great majority of cartoonists, and I don’t even mind being counted as one of them, come up with at most a handful […]

The Big Draw banners for sale

Back in November we blogged about the PCO’s team for Transports of Delight – a cartoon banner competition held at St Pancras rail station in London as part of the The Big Draw. Well, now you can own a piece of cartooning history as the four banners in the competition (from The Guardian, The Independent, […]

Fast footwork

Spotted by PCOer Morten Morland and with a handy translation. The PCO: Great British cartoon talentSubscribe to The Foghorn – our print cartoon magazine From the PCO (Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation)

John Jensen recalls some beaut, bonzer comics

Following on from his look at the weird and wonderful work of Fletcher Hanks, PCOer John Jensen takes another trip back to the comic books of the 1930s and 1940s with the focus on his native Australia “The Case of the Haunted Piecrust”, “Wocko the Beaut”, “Supa-Dupa Man”, “Speed Umplestoop” and “Tripalong Hoppity” – all […]

Goodbye big print (and cheerio President Bush)

PCOer Andy Davey writes: One thing that all cartoonists are very aware of is that the face of publishing has changed. Much of it has been a little scary for established old-media cartoonists, but one of the undoubted benefits of the new trends has been on-demand printing. While there’s still a need for hard copy […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week … One: Nicholas Garland in the Daily Telegraph on Robert Mugabe Two: Matt Buck (aka Hack) at Channel 4 News on the ailing Pound Two: Patrick Blower at Livedraw (note: video file) on Brown saving the world The PCO: Great British cartoon talent Subscribe to The Foghorn – […]