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Foghorn and the Victorians

June 14, 2012 in Comment, General

Foghorn and the Victorians © Andy Davey @

© Andy Davey @

Our anthropomorphic Foghorn delves into the history of UK cartooning.



Cartoonist refuses to grin and bear it

June 13, 2012 in Events, General, News

Matthew Inman, the cartoonist behind popular US website The Oatmeal, wrote about a website that was stealing his images a year ago.

His blog post about received a response and the subsequent removal of Inman’s images was welcomed, even though not all of them were taken down. Eventually, Inman decided it wasn’t worth the energy to continue to pursue the remainder and he let the matter lie.

To his surprise, this month, he was served legal papers informing him that the owner of the site was filing a federal lawsuit against him alleging defamation and false advertising. It also asked for a payment of $20,000 as a remedial act.

In response, and after taking his own legal advice, Inman wrote a new blog post, featuring the legal letter in question, and offering to undertake the following:

To raise $20,000 in donations, to take a photo of the money, to post the photo, along with a deliberately crude cartoon of the website owner’s mom seducing a Kodiak bear, below, and finally to give half the donation to the National Wildlife Federation and the other part to the American Cancer Society.

Cartoon © Matthew Inman at

The campaign, which he has dubbed “Bearlove Good. Cancer Bad” was set up on the fundraising website Indiegogo with a 15-day deadline to raise the money. Within the first hour it had raised the $20,000 target, and now stands (at the time of writing) at $142,753, with 14 days still to go.

The lawyer acting for, Charles Carreon, is reported by MSNBC to be “bewildered” by this response.

Of course, websites that use cartoon artwork without consent are nothing new – member Royston Robertson recently tweeted about an article on Citizen Journalism that uses a cartoon of his stolen from the CartoonStock website. Matthew Buck had a similar experience with the Guido Fawkes political blog and the US cartoonist Mike Lynch reports this story from 2009. There are doubtless many more examples. Please tell us about them in the comments if you would like to share your experience.

Inman has been drawing caricatures of his contributors’ avatars on Twitter as a way of saying thank you to those who chose to donate to his successful fundraising.

by Royston

The doodle bug

June 12, 2012 in General, Links

Doodlejunk image
© Doodlejunk/October Jones

Cartoons and doodles placed in the real world feature among many other very inventive, and funny, images on a Tumblr blog called Doodlejunk.

This was brought to our attention by member Stevyn Colgan who has highlighted Doodlejunk and other web cartoonists in a post called Cartoonists you should all know on his Colganology blog.

The Round-up

June 10, 2012 in General, Links, News

The Huffington Post looks as the wartime work of Dr Seuss, best known for his children’s books but also a prolific political cartoonist. Find the article and a slideshow here. The entire archive of Dr Seuss’ Second World War cartoons is available here.

To coincide with his appearance at the Hay Festival, Matt Pritchett, the pocket cartoonist for The Telegraph, is interviewed for the paper about his creative process and what got him started. Read the piece here.

After Indian politicians recently called for unflattering cartoons to be removed from school textbooks, The Indian Express looks back at the history of political cartooning in Indian newspapers, and suggests that the art form has been edged out there too.

Finally, with Mad magazine turning 60 this year, looks back on its history and considers its roots in Jewish humour.

Foghorn looks at the past…

June 8, 2012 in Comment, General

© Andy Davey

In somewhat disjointed fashion. You may care to explore other more sequentially coherent parts of his archive here.



Putting on one’s top hat

June 6, 2012 in Events, General, News

Cartoonists have to be resourceful creatures because of the range of jobs they are asked to undertake. Procartoonists member Pete Dredge explains more:
At the start of the year I had a call from an agency requiring a witty cartoon to publicise a client’s beer festival. This was no ordinary beer festival…  Peter Dredge Ascot Beer Festival

© Pete Dredge

Their budget was reasonable, roughs were presented and the job was completed and fee paid on time. There was also some throw away line about sending me some comp tickets for the October beer festival and also tickets for a June race meeting.
I had forgotten all about it  when, a few weeks ago, an invite to lunch with Ascot’s chief executive arrived, along with two passes for the Royal Enclosure on Royal Ascot Ladies Day. I had hardly time to get the eBay account online before the better half had bought the hat, chosen the outfit and matching accessories and booked the day off work. There was no way back. A visit to Moss Bros soon followed for suiting and booting (and top hatting). With a bit of luck there may be something left from the original fee to place an each way bet.  Kate Scurfield on AScot Race Day

© Kate Scurfield

Pete was also in good company as the event has a fine tradition of using cartoonists to promote their day.
They had used Mac, Peattie & Taylor (“Alex”) and our very own Kate Scurfield in previous years, all hard acts to follow.

by Royston

Cartoonists at the Olympics

June 5, 2012 in Events, News

“]Cartoon by NEB

"It's not that I really mind getting wet – only my glasses get steamed up so." (Cartoon by NEB)

The exhibition Cartoonists at the Olympics, featuring work from the British Cartoon Archive selected by community sporting groups, opens this weekend.

It features Olympics cartoons from years gone by, including this 1948 Daily Mail cartoon about the Games in London that year by Ronald Niebour, who drew as NEB. On the evidence of the Diamond Jubilee weekend this could be a prediction of more “weather events” at this year’s Olympics.

The exhibition can be seen a the Herne Bay Museum and Gallery in Kent. The British Cartoon Archive is based in nearby Canterbury at the University of Kent’s Templeman Library. It opens this Saturday and runs until September 2. Admission, which includes entry to the museum, is £2.

The Round-Up

June 1, 2012 in General, Links, News

© Alexander Matthews and Wilbur Dawbarn / The Phoenix

Alexander Matthews and Wilbur Dawbarn, both members and known for gag cartoons as well as comic strips, are collaborating on “Useleus”, a new series for the weekly comic The Phoenix. Alex writes the strip, while Wilbur provides the artwork, above. The strip will tell the story of “by far the most rubbishest warrior in all of Ancient Greece”. You can find out more here. Meanwhile, Alex is also working on a new strip for the Dandy, called “Grrrls!”, as alluded to on his blog.

Vanity Fair conducts an interview with Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor of The New Yorker, about that most prevalent of cartoon cliches:  the desert island.

Tom Richmond, cartoonist for MAD Magazine, has been awarded the top honour of Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year at the Reuben Awards. Read more here.

And finally, don’t make him angry, it’s his birthday. Time magazine looks back at 50 years of the Incredible Hulk in this slideshow.


Diamond Jubilation

June 1, 2012 in Comment, General

Procartoonists.org_Imagining_the_Diamond_Jubilee © Bill Stott @

© Bill Stott @

How one’s Diamond Jubilee might get imagineered.
“ OK. Ideas. Royal Progress. Any? Toby. Yes?”
“Well, erm, they’re both well, erm, getting on a bit, yeah?”
“We know that Toby – ergo the Diamond bit in Jubilee. ”
“Yes, well, erm, I thought that, well, and I mean, well, perish the thought … ”
“That’s four wells Toby.”
“Gosh, sorry, yes, erm, I thought we could get ‘em on a sort of barge thing on the river.”
“Hmmm. Barge, river, yes, good, good. Didn’t the other Elizabeth do this? We’re listening Tobes”
“Erm, well, sorry, but if anything sort of untoward happens, like the, erm, you know, the dying thing, well, they’d be too far away from the bank for anybody to notice. Need strapping in, of course. Maybe a bit of string to keep the old hand waving.”
“Toby, that is mega, and I mean mega! Jocasta! Miles! Make it so! Barge on the river! Brilliant! And if the worst happens, we could have a burial at sea! How bloody royal is THAT? Head of THE maritime nation! Slumbering in the deep! God, this knocks the Falklands into a cocked hat! Get Dave on the blower and tell him he’s safe for another term!”
Imagineering by Bill Stott. You might also enjoy a timely look back at our coverage of the Cartoon Museum’s excellent Her Maj show from earlier this year.