Rumble Fog

As the 2012 European football championships come towards their end…

High visibility for Invisible Art gags

You may have, er, seen features and reviews in the media about the Invisible Art exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London. The cartoonist and member Bill Stott was so amused by the concept that he fired off a batch of gags to the South Bank gallery, despite the fact that, bar the odd show […]

The Round-up

Life In Hell, the long-running syndicated comic strip that first made a name for Simpsons creator Matt Groening, has come to an end after 32 years and a total of 1,669 installments. Read more about the strip and Groening’s decision to call time on it here, here or here. A little under a year after […]

Legal wildlife hunts Oatmeal

Last week we noted that Matthew Inman, writer of the Oatmeal, a popular US web comic, was being pursued by the threat of lawsuit following an unusual exchange of letters about copyright claims and intellectual property infringements. The lawyer making claim against Inman, Charles Carreon, is acting for FunnyJunk, an online content aggregator, and he […]

Talking about Bateman

The cartoonist and member John Jensen is to host a talk on H.M Bateman at the Cartoon Museum in London next week. The Early Bateman is held in conjuction with the museum’s exhibition The Man Who Went Mad on Paper. In the talk, on Wednesday 27 June at 6.30pm, John will explore the beauty […]

Courses for cartoonists

News of cartoonists in academia is provided below, thanks to Adrian Tooth, leader of the Cartoon and Comics Art degree course at Staffordshire University. Adrian kindly answered questions about his work following a recent article. Q. Who is interested in and applying for the course? Applicants who have a very strong interest and skill in cartoon design […]

Postcards from Malaga

In 1881, Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, where his father, a competent but uninspired painter, was Professor of Art. According to his mother, Pablo’s first word was “piz”, being the ending of “lapiz”, pencil. However, as “pis”, pronounced the same, means pee, I have my doubts. In 1891, the family moved to Galicia. From […]