Opinion: Beware digital challenges to the paper of record

The Sunday Times has removed the Gerald Scarfe cartoon from all of its digital editions following the controversy about its print publication. The retrospective removal of the cartoon reported by Press Gazette this morning challenges a traditional role fulfilled by printed journalism as a paper of record. The removal of the image changes the paper of […]

Publishers, the patrons of the art

A public kerfuffle over a Gerald Scarfe cartoon published after the recent Israeli elections has resulted in a public apology from Rupert Murdoch the publisher of The Sunday Times, the paper in which the image appeared. A publisher apology is a rare thing in journalism of any sort but it should be noted that neither the […]

The Round-up

Procartoonists.org member Graeme Bandeira is one of a group of artists who will feature in the Fantasista 2013 Exhibition of football illustration this spring. Alongside Graeme’s caricature of Ryan Giggs (above), you can also find his depiction of José Mourinho at the Telegraph site. Libby Purves, Procartoonists.org patron and cartoon fanatic, will be interviewing Private […]

“It doesn’t show signs of stopping” – UK snow cartoons

The snow may have been melting in some places but with some more forecast at the time of posting, we offer a selection of wintery cartoons from Procartoonists.org members. See if you can spot the Snowman riff. So much for a trip out to an art show. Another hardy annual is the theme about transport. […]

Opinion: Illustration is easier than cartooning

When it was suggested by the editor that I should write a piece to the statement, “Illustration is easier than cartooning”. I thought he also ought to reverse the notion and ask an illustrator too. Trouble is, I’m not an illustrator so know little of their strange and arcane ways. Actually, that’s not entirely true. […]

Giles and the snow cartoon

Snow has fallen across the UK over recent days and, as usual, we all act as though this has never happened before. Here’s proof that is has: a cartoon by Carl Giles, the acknowledged master of the snow cartoon, from 1979. This is about the public sector strikes in the January of that year, popularly known […]

The Round-up

Following on from our last post about what is and isn’t funny, we link to a recent BBC article about the history and humour of the pun – a weapon in the cartoonist’s arsenal that is loved by some and disparaged by others. (We at Procartoonists.org are happy to sit on the fence and say […]

Isn’t it funny what’s not funny?

Here’s a very funny cartoon. But why is it funny? Well, E.B. White famously said that “analysing comedy is like dissecting a frog; no one laughs and the frog dies”. So let’s not go there. Instead, our eye was drawn to a blog post by the cartoonist Christian Adams, in which he simply provides a […]

Ahoy! Caricaturists fire broadsides!

The Royal Maritime Museum at Greenwich is showing Broadsides: Caricature & the Navy throughout January. The show covers the history of the Napoleonic wars against France when the country was preoccupied in a “battle to control the dunghill”. By 1815 Britannia actually ruled the waves as the cheerful image above indicates. You can see “Boney’s Invincible […]