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January 18, 2013 in General, Links, News

© Bill Stott

Following on from our last post about what is and isn’t funny, we link to a recent BBC article about the history and humour of the pun – a weapon in the cartoonist’s arsenal that is loved by some and disparaged by others. (We at are happy to sit on the fence and say that while some puns deserve nothing but a weary groan, others – such as in the cartoon above, by Bill Stott – are inspired.) Read the article here.

There were equestrian puns aplenty bouncing around on Twitter this week, following the horsemeat burger scandal (log in and search for #horsemeat and you’ll find some good examples). Even Tesco itself decided to crack a joke on the subject.

The horsemeat story provided fodder for cartoonists, too, and The Telegraph’s Matt Pritchett was particularly inspired – producing no less than five gags on the subject in just two days. Click here to scroll through them.

BBC Radio 4 broadcast two programmes of interest to cartoonists and illustrators this week. First, there was a half-hour show celebrating the art and characters of The Beano (click here to listen). Then Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen chose to celebrate the Great Life of Aubrey Beardsley (here).

And finally, the Chris Beetles Gallery in London is holding a sale, beginning this weekend. Click here to see the artworks available.


7 responses to The Round-up

  1. There used to be a driving school in Birkenhead called ” el Passo”

  2. I’ve always had respect for the New York fish & chip shop ‘Assault and Battery’

  3. I remember the group Salt-n-Pepa did an album in the 1980s called “A Salt with a Deadly Pepa”. I went “Hey … I just got that!” in about 2007.

  4. I remember the name. It falls into a broad category of mis-spelling which is thought to be smooth and cool in some circles. “Pepa” should be pronounced “Peeper”, but those who change their names to Traci, Jakki, Debbi,etc., probably don’t care. Why is it mainly women who do this ? Why aren’t there more Harris or Kennis or Gregoris ? Salt’n’Pepa also features the deeply irritating “n” instead of “and”. I bet, given a bag full of apostrophes, the above would go beserk.

  5. There’s a salon down the road from me called “Hair By Chance”. Which is a bit of a worrying name really. “Hair By Design” would be more reassuring for the customer, regardless of the owner’s philosophical leanings.
  6. That’s funny, Huw. The naming of hairdressers  is an art in itself although customers must “get” the joke.

    I showed the Valkyries gag to a neighbour who is v keen on Wagner and expensive hi-fi systems.. “Hmm” he said. “But they wouldn’t ALL be called Valerie though, would they ?”

  7. That’s amazing, Bill – I’m always surprised by the very specific ways in which people refuse to suspend their disbelief! 

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